When you think about opening a new restaurant, there are many aspects which you will have to keep in mind. You need to do some good amount of research, plan everything carefully so that you can execute your plans flawlessly. You will need the capital first. You might have to invest all your savings into it. However, it’s your job to try and make your investment worth it. Hence, let us now see some of the basic characteristics you need to know for starting your own eatery and making it a success in the long run.

Conceptualize. It’s Vital!

Sarah, for instance, is working in a hotel as one of the hospitality staff. During her six years of working tenure, she has saved some money which she thinks is enough for opening her own eatery. She is very keen on having a pizza joint, where she dreams about selling some delicious Italian pizzas, in a dine-in format.

So, she decided upon the place, she took care of the interiors, the finances have been sorted, and now, the only thing she needs to do is conceptualize on her plan. Let’s look at the vital factors she must keep in her mind.

  • For Sarah, deciding upon the menu is a crucial job. She needs to keep into consideration the likes and dislikes of her consumers. As it’s going to be a pizza joint, her targeted customers would be youngsters, majorly. Keeping this in mind, her menu should be created.
  • Secondly, she needs to think again about the location she has chosen. Will it be the best place for her pizza joint? How many families are residing there? Is the place visited by youngsters often? For instance, if it’s near a school or college, the chances are high that the pizza joint will get more footfalls.
  • Once everything is sorted, she needs to think about marketing her restaurant well. This will help her to reach out to more customers in a lesser period of time. She should take help of the social media. Also, she should have a properly maintained, user-friendly website.

Keep your Customers Coming Back!

According to a study by the Harvard University, it has been revealed that if a restaurateur can increase the total number of repeat consumers by at least 5%, he/she can easily increase the profits of the restaurant by 25% to 125%. For Sarah, at this point of time, every customer is a new one. Hence, she needs to follow few tips in order to create a good impression among all her customers so that they keep coming back.

  • She should first ask all her staff to be really courteous to the people who visit her pizza joint. Also, she should provide the customers with some early-bird offers, coupons and pizza deals.
  • She needs to make sure that the orders are absolutely PERFECT! She will get only one chance to create a good impression among her customers. So, she should make the most out of it.
  • Finally, Sarah should incorporate the online ordering system. She should let her customers know that the restaurant also provides the comfort of online ordering to all its clients. This is indeed a great way to retain customers in the long run.

So, as you can see how Sarah should go ahead with her plan of opening her dream pizza joint, you should also keep all the above mentioned points in mind in order to be successful in your restaurant business. Have faith in yourself, take every step confidently and there will be no looking back for you. Best of luck!