While some UTV owners who spend a lot of the time in the mud or just like to have the most monstrous UTV at their recreation spot, a 5-6” lift kit is often the minimum that they are looking for to boost their vehicle’s height. However, for the vast majority of UTV owners, a 2-3” lift is all that is necessary to fit some 28-29” tires or just gain a little extra ground clearance.  The Can Am Commander is one of the best dual purpose UTVs on the planet, and we would go so far as to say that half of Commander owners at some point add a lift kit to their vehicle.  For these owners there are plenty of attractive options available on the market.

SuperATV’s 2-3" Can Commander Lift Kits

        The simplest way to lift your vehicle 2-3 inches is to add some spacers between the shock mounts and the springs.  TurnKey UTV makes one of the best spacer kits for the Can Am Commander.  This CLK lift kit system is the most versatile and cost effective route to increase your Commander’s height. The CLK system allows you to add between 1-3 inches of height through their innovative three stage system. It is available in stages 1-3, allowing owners to fine tune their Commander’s ride height.  THe CLK kit is tested and proven to protect your Commander’s CV joints from damage, unlike popular bracket-style lifts. The CLK system can also be used to compensate for the droop caused by added accessory weight that lowers the ride height of the vehicle. The CLK system is engineered, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A.   Turnkey uses only the highest grade materials available, and their unique design allows the spacers to be stacked and locked into place.  This eliminates shifting of the spacer under operation of the vehicle that is so common with other spacer kits. Every stage of the kit installed gives your Commander a roughly 1″ lift.

        Easily the most popular bracket kit on the market for the Commander, SuperATV’s 2.5” Can-Am Commander Lift Kit fits the Can-Am Commander : 2011+ X model with the Fox shocks. This completely bolt-on system with stock wheels and tires adds about 2.5 inches to the vehicle front and rear.  When combined with larger wheels and tires you will get a few extra inches of height. This kit will accomodate up to 30” tires in most cases.  It is excellent for racing, dunes mudding and just about any other riding you do.  This kit also does not adversely affect ride quality or increase wear on the Commander’s stock axles.  For the widest selection of lift kits for the Commander online, visit www.sbsparts.com.