Most of TVs are currently coming with smart features, but they may not be exactly the features you are looking for. Many streaming popular services such as Netflix or HBO could be accessed only on certain hardware. In order to overpass this inconvenient, the easy way is to buy a dedicated streaming media player. However, you need to do your research first, because with the proliferation of so many streaming players this purchasing task has become more complicated than in the past.

There are many ways to enjoy the online content. You can stream online content to your TV, including powerful game consoles, compact streaming sticks or on set-up boxes. You might have a game console or Blu-ray player connected with built-in streaming services, or your smart TV set may come with specific apps.

If you already own a smart TV that already allows streaming the big channels such as HBO, Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu, you may not need to buy a separate streaming media player. However, if your device doesn’t allow streaming your favorite channels or doesn’t come with the exact media features you want, you may need a dedicated media streaming player. Most media streamer hubs can play your favorite online or media streaming services for a price tag well under $1oo.

Among the media streaming platforms available, the top choices are Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. Except for Google Cast, all of them come with dedicated remotes and provide on-screen menu systems. Google Cast relies on Cast-compatible apps, a PC, tablet or smartphone to stream content.

Whether you are looking for the best streaming devices for Netflix or the best streaming devices for HBO, the $130 Roku Ultra is the way to go, providing the largest selection of online streaming services with minimum fuss. The Roku Ultra is 4K-compatible, comes with a remote control with a powerful search feature and a headphone jack, and features over 3,500 channels.

Another good choice from Roku is the Roku Premiere+ media streamer. For a price tag of $100, the device offers HDR and 4K capabilities, plus a wide range of features hard to find in similarly priced competitor products. The Roku Premiere+ provided a balanced combination of good user interface, features and video quality that makes it one of the best choices for anyone. The support for HDR10 can provide deeper, more vivid colors and greatly improved contrast. HDR 10 is currently widely used, allowing streaming content in HDR from Amazon, Netflix, and other popular services.

If you are searching for a minimalist device, then you may also be interested in the newly redesigned $35 Google Chromecast. This streaming media player from Google matches a low price tag with a streamlined feature set. For those who are looking for a 4K option, they can choose the $70 Google Chromecast Ultra that supports 4K resolutions. In money is not a problem, you can find at the other end of the spectrum a game console such as $400 Xbox One that not only gives access to plenty of streaming services but also can play Blu-ray disks and blockbuster video games.