All of us have experienced annoying anxiousness at some point or the other in our lives, whether it’s during our first office presentation, meeting the potential in-laws, entering the gym for the first time, or just being at the same place as your crush. This is in reference to dropping confidence levels.

Why is it that certain life situations make us cower and feel threatened, and consequently we appear tiny and sans confidence?

While we will discuss this at length in another article, let’s tell you how to ace the confidence game in this one! Here’s how you can always be the queen that you are:

1) Smell Good

Smell is the most powerful of all senses. Aren’t you instantly attracted to someone who smells good? Your fragrance can turn heads and leave you with an incredible sense of power. Power equals confidence. Always have a gorgeous fragrance on. Let it become your trademark.

When you smell good, you feel elegant and you aren’t scared of someone stepping closer to you. You know you have everyone’s attention and that should be enough reason to give your fabulous self a confident pat on the back.

2) Have a Smile On No Matter the Storm Inside

If your smell can get you attention, your beautiful smile will ensure it stays on you. When you smile, people inevitably become interested in you. They want to know you better. It becomes the perfect conversation starter and ice-breaker.

Even if you’ve had the worst day and cringing on the inside, have a smile on. This does not mean you have to always conceal your true emotions or keep grinning foolishly, but when you smile despite the turbulence within, you actually consciously work towards alleviating the pain, anger or fear you are feeling. You slowly, but surely get your confidence back, bit by bit.

3) Stay Fit

Fitness is a lot more than having an hourglass figure and a flat stomach. It is about working on your body, taking it to its best possible shape, releasing happy hormones like epinephrine, and keeping your mind and body active and happy.

Make fitness activities a part of your daily routine. Go for a run, hit the gym, sign up for Zumba class, pay attention to what you eat, and watch the portions. And finally, know that the dress you love so much is going to look incredibly good on you on date night. Feeling the surge of confidence already? Well, that’s what fitness does. Try it to get a serious dose of confidence.

4) Dress Well

We are living in an era when we have absolutely no excuse to not dress well. From high-end brands and thrift stores to Pinterest and Instagram posts, you have a plethora of style options and inspiration everywhere. I cannot stress enough on the amount of confidence that dressing well and looking good can bring you.

Understand your body type, and experiment to familiarize yourself with cuts, colors, and silhouettes that complement your body. Adopt them in your wardrobe. Opt for timeless and classic women’s jewelry and clothes. Many a time, the right jewelry can lift even the blandest outfits. So, invest in these wisely.

When you look good, you feel good. You receive compliments and you feel confident. Confidence is addictive. You keep making an effort to look good and your confidence only soars. Of course, our dear pajamas and ultra-loose sweatshirts still remain important for those night-ins with the romcoms. But for other times, dress well and look good.

5) Develop a Sense of Humor

Believe me when I say that humor is nothing, but a large chunk of confidence. Everyone likes a good laugh. Develop the ability to induce humor in situations. Laugh freely and openly. Have the ability to laugh at your own self as well. Self-deprecating humor is the best kind of humor and does not offend anybody.

Besides, when people see an individual who can laugh at herself freely, people perceive awareness, happiness and most importantly, confidence. No one takes pot shots at someone who is confident in her own skin. You give out a good vibe and your confidence takes a big leap of faith. More power to you, girl!

Final Words of Wisdom

You need to understand and internalize that confidence is nothing, but an unapologetic acceptance of who you are. Own who you are with your flaws, imperfections and all of it. Love yourself and be proud. Don’t try to be someone else or be fake. Believe that you always have a crown on and no one can bring it down. Step out to conquer the world because you truly are a queen!

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