Some of the most amazing off-road dirt bike experiences are found in Florida. Not only is Florida a hub for amateur and professional motocross events, but the state has invested significantly into improving trails for enthusiasts and encouraging tourists from around the world to explore some of the world’s most challenging dirt bike trails and courses.

What really differentiates the motocross community from other adrenaline, high-octane sports is the love of the outdoors, and the exhilaration of jumps and high-speed racing. From groomed sand tracks to water and mud pits, there is something for everyone who loves to drive a dirt bike in Florida.

Before You Start: Safety Tips for Motocross Tourists

Just like any extreme sport, motocross involves the right skills and training to be able to compete professionally or to enjoy on an amateur basis. Given the prevalence of motorcycle accidents, attorneys in Palm Beach County defend the highest number of personal injury cases involving motorcycle collisions, as Florida leads the nation in dirtbike events, tourism, and unfortunately, in motorcycle-related injuries.

Prevention is the key to reducing the risk of injury or death while exploring all the trails that Florida has to offer. We’ve provided some tips to make sure that you enjoy your bike vacation to the fullest, while protecting yourself from injury.

1. Get the Facts on the Tracks

Always ask for advice when you prepare to ride a new, unknown trail or track for the first time. While it may not be possible to walk the track given traffic and other hazards, asking an event official, or other riders for more information about the track is a great way to reduce your risk of injury. From hair pin turns to 60° hills, the thrills are best experienced without the spills that involve an emergency or trip to the hospital. Ask for advice and safe riding practices for each track.

2. Gear Up

If you need additional gear while you are on vacation, most venues can rent safety gear to tourists who are visiting. If, however there is no rental gear available, get creative with an online trip to Craigslist or Facebook to get some equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new. No matter what, don’t hit a track or trail without your protective gear.

3. Be Aware of Wildlife

Driving your bike through a mud pit sounds fun, right? What if there are two or three alligators in the pit? While most wildlife typically makes every effort to stay away from the sound of boats and dirt bikes, there are many predatory animals in Florida that tourists should be aware of, including six different types of venomous snakes in the state.

Remember that Florida is built on swamp land, which means that the insect population gets out of control during the summer season (that’s why everyone has a lanai and screened in pool). Don’t forget to use bug spray to prevent bug bites, and watch out for the fire ants and the wolf spiders (which actually do jump out at you aggressively).

Top Tracks for Motocross Tourists in Florida

Ready to hit some of the most exciting motocross and motorcycle trails in Florida? We’ve provided three prime locations that you should add to your vacation, and videos taken at each track, to give you a fun preview of the terrain and track.

1. Mud Muckers

Get ready to get muddy by visiting Mud Muckers. Located at 2008 E. County Road 90 in Bunnell, Florida this track is open to four wheelers and bikes. It’s not so much of a trail as it is a giant mud pit, but it offers campsites and some fun events throughout the year.

2. With lacoochee State Forest Croom Motorcycle Area

One of Florida’s famous state forest and wildlife preservation areas, Withlacoochee is known for serious hill climbs, and it is located on La Rose Road in Brooksville, Florida. Because it is a state park, Off-

Highway Vehicle (O.H.V) permits are required before riding in the park, but day passes are available. The park does fine and ban people who ride without permits, but the small permit fee is worth exploring 2,500 miles of challenging trail.

3. Apalachicola National Forest

Located at the National Forest Road 375 in Tallahassee Florida, the Apalachicola National Forest trail system is a favorite among tourists who want to explore the forest at a moderate to slower speed. Ideal for beginners or families with younger children, ATVs or UTVs are not permitted at the Apalachicola National Forest dirt bike trail system, but it allows for trailer camping and has tourist-friendly amenities that families love.

To help make the most of your off-road experience and vacation time in Florida, plan your motocross itinerary before you arrive. Most parks and tracks offer day or multi-day passes that can be purchased conveniently online. Ride safe and get ready for some of the most exciting rides of your life, when you visit Florida.

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