Plagiarism is a great problem these days. People tend to copy work from others and assert it to be their own without the right acknowledgments. The point is that you cannot merely reproduce other people’s efforts for your own use individually or commercially. You must attribute the work to the possessor as per the rules of the copyright.

The most common copyright that is available on the internet is Common Creative. You are advised to go through the Common Creative to discover the correct copyright for your work. When you are willing to quote someone else’s effort, ensure that you know about the copyright rules and regulations before doing so and do not forget to acknowledge the owner when you quote the work. This is an important aspect to keep in mind.

Being a writer you must be aware of the tools that you can make use of while you examine your work for duplicity. The most vital tool for a writer would be plagiarism tools like CopyScape. CopyScape is a popular plagiarism checker that is available for use online for web pages and articles both. But, for this you are required to buy at least 100 checks for only $5.00 in order to check your content through ‘copy and paste’ into the CopyScape website. If not, you can relish free content checks up to 5 times for the same web url.

Besides CopyScape, you can try your hand out on other unrestricted and trustworthy content checkers such as Plagiarism Detect. This is a content checker introduced by Jeffrey and through this tool, you get to examine your work through Books and PDFs as well. Article Checker, Dupecop and Doccop are few other illustrations of plagiarism checkers that you can make use of while writing articles for the clients or for your blog. Copy Alerts is another such option that helps you to detect duplicity of your blog or websites and inform you over emails as and when someone tries or attempts to replicate your work.

You must be conscious regarding the fact that not every duplicate content checker is reliable in the market so when you look forward for a plagiarism tool that goes well with your needs, you need to make sure that they work at least 99% accurate. There are free plagiarism tools that are available for you to try and you can also purchase the same if you want to use for a comparatively longer period of time. If you are a website owner and are trying to guarantee publishing a distinct content on your website, you definitely require a decent plagiarism checker for the same. Use of such type of tool can check your content for theft before you get it published.

So, making decisions on the use of Plagiarism Detector is a highly complex task. There are many other factors as well that you must take into consideration while deciding upon the duplicate content checker tool. So, you need to be very specific while making up your mind on the plagiarism checker.