Land Rover Discovery Sport is a welcome change from the compact SUV’s that always spills out poshness. For all those who want their Land Rover in Greensboro, NC to go off road sometimes, can definitely try their hands at this newbie. This car has been designed that way and so won’t mind the rough handling, at least sometimes. The first pictures of this lovely beauty will make it warm up to you and then there are features which will make you sit back and think whether to take it or leave it behind. It might be a mind boggling decision, but if you want something that is far from being dainty, then the Land Rover Discovery Sport is your choice.

Compared to its posh rivals, this Land Rover proves itself to be a worthy contender. This car is slightly longer compared to the LR2 that has served its years. The difference is to point out the extra seating capacity that this car brings with it. The Land Rover Discovery Sport boasts of a five plus two seating as standard. The third row collapses under the trunk floor.

There is no doubt that the Land Rover Discovery Sport is a worthy investment. It is a handsome, little monster. Moreover, it has got style, it is sleek and lower compared to the aging LR4. In its make, the car is a close match to the Range Rover Evoque. And not only that, they are twins when the four-cylinder turbocharged engine is talked about. This is the marque’s older-tech turbo four but car buyers can be rest assured that an upgrade is on the cards as far as the new Ingenium engine is concerned that is going to be launched in the market with the Jaguar XE. What remains the same is the nine-speed automatic transmission with the rear wheel drive through a Haldex clutch on the rear axle.

Coming to the body and the Land Rover in Greensboro NC is not an disappointment. At least that is what repots from the technicians associated with reputed land rover service centers in Greensboro, NC are pointing out. The body of the Land Rover Discovery Sport is all steel. The only exception found is in the roof which is predominantly made of aluminum. The car boasts of weight savings by welcoming aluminum in front fenders, hood, liftgate and also the magnesium cross-car beam for the front structure. All these attributes the car to 3957 pound curb weight which is nothing more when compared to the LR2’s.

As pointed out earlier, this Land Rover model is meant to challenge the wilderness and so does it in its full potential. Though this model’s ground clearance is nothing in comparison to the Range Rover, LR4 or the Range Rover Sport, but this new SUV still has something to show off. The 8.3 inches is not to be taken lightly in any way.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport has a wading depth of 23.6 inches and also claims approach, departure and break over angles of 25, 31 and 31 degrees. This makes it a worthy contender in the better off road ability segmen than what is offered by Audi Q5 and the BMW X3. This particular model goes an extra mile to make its point clear. The model is designed in a way that in extreme conditions, lower trim on the front bumper can be removed in order to increase the approach angle. The other Land Rover models in Greensboro, NC comes with a Terrain Response rotary controller. This gives the driver the flexibility to select the appropriate driving mode during an off-road condition.

Considering it on serious grounds, the focus of the marque in the past years has been to work upon the Range Rover models rather than the Land Rover ones. But with the Land Rover Discovery Sport coming in and which will be replacing the LR2, it seems that the company has some different plans. This new Land Rover model is all about grit. The model brings with it lots of promises and yes, car enthusiasts are riding high on it. This Land Rover is a good car especially for those who want something in the price bracket of $40,000. As far as service and repair are concerned, there are independent land rover repair centers in Greensboro, NC to provide the much needed help.

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