The many responsibilities of today’s maintenance managers can be overwhelming. Taking care of service requests, handling the scheduling for employees, and making sure the best use of all resources is followed. Maintenance management software can take the guesswork out of the manager’s job and make the best use of employees and equipment. All businesses share the same goal of making money. These are some features of maintenance manager software that can help accomplish this goal.

1. Repairs in the Field – One area where the maintenance manager often falls short is in scheduling repair jobs. Since more urgent jobs come in randomly, it can be difficult to determine which technician is the closest one to the address. Web-based maintenance management software allows the manager to follow each technician with a GPS system, In addition, they can determine at a glance when the previous repair has been completed so the customer waits for a shorter period of time and there is less expense going from one repair site to the next.

2. Tracking Resources – Web-site applications let the manager know when service requests are made, when the repair is completed, and where technicians and equipment are located at all times. This not only improves work flow, it also ensures accountability of employees working in the field.

3. Completing Transactions – Maintenance management software with an electronic signature function lets technicians collect customers’ signature on their mobile device. There are no problems with incomplete service reports later on.

4. Single Format System – Employees in the office and those in the field will all have access to a single system where they can communicate, share information, access needed documents and gain information about customers in a flash.

5. Prepare Quotes – Sometimes technicians need to evaluate a situation and provide customers with a quote to determine whether they want to proceed or purchase new equipment. The maintenance management software that is made specifically for the job will allow you to prepare quotes on the spot so you can give them what they need to make important decisions.

6. Manage Deliveries – Tracking the request and delivery of all types of products and installations ensure that you are aware of problems in the process that could slow down the receipt of important items that the customer needs or parts that are needed to make repairs.

7. Improve Visibility – There is no better way to manage your resources than with the visibility and specific features that professional quality maintenance management software will provide. Managers can see the progress of every job from request to completion and signoff. There is no more questioning how long you will have to wait until it is time to send technicians to the next job.

One of the most important things maintenance management software accomplishes is to improve customer satisfaction. When customers enjoy more reliable service and shorter wait times to get what they need, they are much more likely to come back to your company when they need service again. There is no better way to reach your business goal of making more money.