Diet is a dreaded word. For most everyone it means avoiding tempting foods, struggling through the day with hunger pangs and trying to be positive while nibbling on healthy snacks that taste like sawdust. However, weight loss doesn’t need to equate suffering. There are healthy, low-fat meals that are also satisfying and will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Enjoyable Breakfast Boosts

It’s true you should never skip breakfast, only because you end up halfway through your morning with a grumbling stomach and a craving for bad choices. Instead try these simple, healthy options that will leave you feeling full.

Cinnamon Raisin Bars sound like indulgence, but the right mix of fruit and protein make them a good start for the morning. In fact, Nutrisystem offers this ideal breakfast treat as part of their weight-loss program. In addition, you can also thoroughly enjoy the satisfying fullness of a Chocolate Turbo Shake as a mid-morning snack to carry you through to lunchtime.

Afternoons Free of Fast Food

Ditch the burger place down the street and choose a delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from Nutrisystem. The warm broth will satisfy your hunger cravings and the rich noodles and veggies will leave you feeling full without feeling bloated. This will give you enough energy to go for an afternoon walk with a co-worker. If a twinge of hunger returns later in the day, try a cup of low-fat yogurt with a few fresh blueberries to balance out your meal plan.

Dining Deliciously for Weight Loss

Around dinnertime, you might think it’s all salad. But it doesn’t have to be. Nutrisystem offers a luscious lasagna with tasty cheese and tantalizing sauce for an enjoyable evening meal. Would you believe there is also dessert?  White Chunk Chocolate Cookies can’t be on the menu, but they are. How is all this possible?

Portion Control is Key

It’s not the foods you eat, but how much that causes weight gain. Understanding portion control means balancing your day with appropriately sized meals prevent putting on belly fat and lets the pounds melt away naturally with exercise.  If you need help with portion control, use this coupon from Nutrisystem to get you started planning your meals, eating healthy and losing weight.

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