In this post I will explain in detail to all the iPhone users who want to Unlock AT&T iPhone devices. I will provide you with instructions on how to conduct the unlock which requires from the user to provide only the unique IMEI code every iPhone device has.

This is because even though Unlock AT&T iPhone perhaps is the most powerful device of the 21st century so far some of the major mobile operators such as AT&T which offer the iPhone at considerable low prices if you decide to get a contract from them deny you the right to use your device on different mobile networks. And this can be really irritating especially if you are not satisfied with the service or if you decide to travel abroad on vacation where you cannot avoid paying the enormous roaming fees.

Due to this and many other reasons the majority of the AT&T iPhone users community seeks a reliable but also safe and cheap method to unlock their devices.

Unlock AT&T iPhone Permanently

So far there have been several methods which the users tend to use to Unlock AT&T iPhone on any Sim card. But still I must say that not all the methods work and that in some cases they may do more damage than good. That is why it is required to first check your sources before trying it out.

  • But do not worry if you are unsure on what to do.
  • We have the perfect unlock method to help you unlock your AT&T iPhone.

Official Unlock AT&T iPhone On All Sim Card

With the AT&T unlock method it is guaranteed 100% that your device will be permanently and on factory grade level unlocked directly from Apple’s database servers. It does not matter which iPhone model or which iOS version it runs because with this method it is possible to unlock all.

If you do not know your device IMEI code you can find it by either going to General-Settings-About and scroll the page down or just dial *#06# and the code will be immediately displayed on your iPhone screen. So now that you know your iPhone IMEI code let’s get start with the unlock process:

  • First of all go to our official IPhone Unlock page
  • Click Unlock Now and fill in the form
  • Add your iPhone IMEI code (make sure that your original carrier is AT&T)
  • Make payment
  • Wait 24-48 hours while we unlock your device
  • Once you receive the confirmation mail go to iTunes and do Update-Restore
  • Congratulations your iPhone is now Unlocked

Dear readers our guide is trusted and official if like to Unlocked your locked iPhone from AT&T carrier and to make to use on other sim card in all world. We in this tutorial all methods tested first then present to our readers. If you have any questions for how to Unlock AT&T iPhone please contact the official service for this process they will respond to you any time.