There comes a phase in everyone’s life when we feel the need of buying life insurance. If you are only the breadwinner in your family then it becomes all the more important to buy a good life insurance plan without any delay. If you are planning to choose the ideal plan from the different types of life insurance plans, then term insurance plan would be perfect for you. Term plans are typically made to enable the dependents to have financial security after the death of the policyholder. A term plan can act as an income replacement for your family.

Every term plan brings many benefits along with it and the main benefits are –

  • Buying a term insurance plan has become very simple. You can simply go to the online website and get the necessary procedure done with just a few clicks.
  • You can easily customize your life insurance with various additional riders like accidental death, waiver of premium and many more.
  • Term plan is known as the cheapest insurance plan with a fixed premium amount throughout your contract period. The rates are not increased in the middle of the term period. It is very cost effective and helps you in saving your extra bucks.
  • They are easier to understand. Pay the premium and get the coverage for the chosen duration.
  • This is one most important benefits of term plan. Individuals can choose the preferred online, and offline plans according to your needs and for this, health plans are not compulsory. The person can modify the plan according to his or her preference. There are no hard and fast rules.
  • You may avail tax deduction up to Rs 1.5 lakh on the premium under the section 80 C and can also enjoy the tax benefits under Section 10 (10D) on the benefits which are received, if any mishap takes place.  
  • Term plans are available for a longer term, which saves on choosing the plan every year and completing the procedure again.
  • For a healthier individual, premium rates are lower as they may receive incentives for good health.
  • No hidden cost attached to the term plans without any waiting period.
  • Term plans are known to have the shortest claim settlement period in comparison to the other policies.

Every insurance plan has an objective and term plan comes with a clear objective of offering financial security to the dependents of the policyholder. This purpose is impeccably served by the term plans and this is the reason why term plan has earned so much popularity among life insurance buyers. This is a great policy, which you can buy in order to ensure that your family doesn’t face any financial burden. It is a pure protection life insurance plan. Go ahead with this plan and reap the benefits. The younger you are, the cheaper it will be. Early age is the best time to buy term insurance.

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