During traveling you may lose your passport. If the unfortunate happens while in Spain, you need to do the following:

1. The first thing you need to do is to contact the National police popularly known as Policia National and file a report. Remember that it is the national police not the local police. This is where several people get it difficult. Again remember to have a copy of the lost passport with you.

2. Most embassies in Spain are in Madrid. However, there are several consulates in many cities across Spain. The National police are available in Madrid or Barcelona. In Barcelona, many consulates are located in Passeig de Gracia. There is a consulate in Valencia too. In case you are in Barcelona, take a cab and the consulate is 15minutes away.

What To Do If You Lose Your Passport In Spain

3. By having the National police report hopefully you will be allowed to fly if you want to Madrid or Barcelona.

4. On reaching there, take your luggage and put them into the storage lockers (consegnas). It will cost you about 5.40 euros for a day (24 hours). This is in terminal one. Make sure the ticket is safe.

5. Take a cab a to your respective country’s Consulate. Inform the driver that usually the staff closes at 1pm. Example the US consulate opens from Monday to Friday (0900hrs to 1300hrs).

6. After arriving at the consulate, you can have an emergency passport processed in one hour. For you to get it you have to show that you have a flight to catch out of the country. Please bring you travel documents. It costs around $ 136 dollars for the passport processing. You need also to pay for passport photos around 4 euros. There is an option of paying with you credit card ($136). Take note that for the passport photos you need cash (monedas).

Note that the emergency passport´ processing fees varies from one country to the other. Check the embassy requirement.

7. It takes an hour to have your emergency passport.

8. Take a cab to the airport and remember to take your bags (luggage) out of the storage lockers (consegnas).

9. Well you are back

Reporting a lost or stolen passport. The loss of your passport is supposed to be reported to your respective consulate. This is irrespective of your intention to apply for new one or not. LS01 form is used for the application. Application for replacement of a passport. If your passport is lost or stolen in Spain, and you wish to apply for a new passport you have two options:

For immediate commitments in traveling contact your consulate for a bit of advice If the traveling is not immediate you can apply for a full passport by visiting respective consulate in Madrid or Barcelona.

During the visit make sure you have the following information to be submitted:

LS01 form filled this is a Lost passport form C1 or C2 Passport form National Police report (denuncia)2 passport photos fee.

A National Police report can be obtained by calling 902 102 112 or by visiting the Spanish Police’s website (Denuncias). Police will provide an interpreter if need be. Comisaria de Police is also available and one can report.

10. Lost and found.

If a lost passport or ESTA is found you must report the matter at the nearest consulate. The consulate will be able to cancel the report of stolen passport electronically.

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