In today’s competitive market, organizations are always seeking ways to better communicate with customers to understand their needs. And although customers communicate with companies through different channels such as mobile applications, emails, phone calls, social media, etc., being present at multiple touch-points is not always possible for organizations. This is where Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software comes in handy as it integrates all points of customer interaction into one holistic platform, in order to deliver a collaborative customer interaction.

How CIM Solutions Help

Customer Interaction History: The software acts as a central repository of all data on customer ‘interactions’. This can be very helpful in delivering great customer satisfaction, and thereby improving customer retention rates and increasing profitability of organizations.

 Common Platform for Multiple Channels: It facilitates real-time integration of enterprise communication services such as instant messaging and voice, web, and phone calls. Companies can interact with customers through different channels via a single platform. The software updates every interaction in the system on real-time basis, allowing agents the opportunity to promptly address customer requests.

Omni-channel: It ensures that every touch point in an organization is aware of the interactions with a customer, even if the interaction is not complete.

Customer Analytics: Using analytics, you can get an accurate picture of the market for a clear understanding of customer behavior, needs and expectations. The CIM software can also forecast resource requirements.

No doubt more loyal customers bring higher revenues. So, meeting customer expectations could result in millions of dollars more in sales. Some of the ways to effectively improve your customer experience are as follows.

1. Study Every Customer Interaction

Thorough analysis of customer interactions is a must, if you want to provide the best customer experience. Unless you have necessary insights which you can find only on close scrutiny, you can’t formulate effective strategies to improve customer experience.

Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software that integrates all the points of customer interaction into one holistic platform, makes it easier to understand your customers. It enables you to analyze purchasing trends, target high-profile customers, and better equip yourself to proactively support customers at risk.

2.Keep Track of Sales and Service Metrics

Customers are likely to abandon a purchase, if they don’t receive quick response to their queries. By reducing response time, you can bring down the rate of missed opportunities. Also, a prompt grievance machinery keeps customer churn under check resulting in more repeat business from your customers.

3. Create More Personal Experiences

Try to create a positive customer experience by reaching out to customers on major milestones, such as birthdays and company anniversaries. CIM software can track and log key dates for sales teams to send personalized messages. Personal touches can help you increase customer loyalty.

 As the possibility of selling to an existing customer is always more compared to a new one, improving customer experience is a great way to expand your business. Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software helps you to continuously improve and transform customer experience and Customer Life Cycle Management.

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