What does it mean by asthma attack? Yes, shortness of breath or tightness of chest are the symptoms. But, what exactly happens when someone suffer an asthma attack? This is a question which you should be asking if you have asthma. When someone suffers from an asthma attack, the person’s airway gets swollen. It also gets inflamed. The muscles of the airways make it difficult for the air to get in. Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon thinks it is important that people know what happens during the attack so that they will be able to understand when to call a doctor.

If it is an asthma attack, you will find it hard to breath. This goes without saying. However, what else one may suffer during this period? Usually breathing trouble is associated by violent cough. Some even experience bout of wheeze. Some asthma attacks are mild which might be handles without medical attention. However, sometimes asthma attacks don’t subside with home treatment. Sometimes the matter gets serious with time. This is the attack which requires medical attention. If asthma attack does not get better, it might prove to be life threatening. For this reason, you need to be careful about the asthma attack and its symptoms.

Attack Of Asthma – When Should You Talk To A Doctor

The signs of attack might vary person to person says Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon. However, some symptoms are common. You need to be aware of it as you need to be careful. If you don’t know that you are experiencing an asthma attack, you might not be able to deal with the required actions. So, what exactly one goes through when experiencing an asthma attack? The best way to survive an asthma attack is to identify the symptoms of the attack. For this, you need to educate yourself.

Shortness of breath is one of the symptoms. However, during the time of attack this shortness becomes serious. The shortness of breath is followed by tightness of chest and chest pain in most of the cases.  Severe coughing is another symptoms which occurs during asthma attack. This is the time when inhaler that people use for quick relief, does not work.

It is important says Lisa that you work closely with a doctor to identify the signs which you might be experiencing during this time. In some cases the symptoms of asthma keep getting worse. This is the time when you should consider getting admitted in emergency room. Only a doctor will be able to tell you when to get admitted in hospital. For this reason, medical attention is important in case you are going through asthma attack.

So, when should you see a doctor? When should you call for help? Lisa says that you should act on your instinct. Because, it is you who would be able to say how serious the problems are. However, there are other signs as well. Inability to speak is a sign that you need immediate treatment. During this attack, people need to strain their chests to breath. This is another sign that the matter is getting serious.

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