Explore designs that are inspiring and interesting

Are you looking for that perfect, sleek and minimalistic design for your website? It is great to follow the latest trends with a flat design, streamlined typography, impactful colors and compelling content. A trendy and magnificent design that has both speed and performance without non-essential design elements would be the ideal way to render a great website. Motivated designers often remove the clutter to make the design simple, clean and unique.

The new wave that’s riding the web design landscape evolves over several important factors such as:

Long scrolling sites are important

Today’s web designs are longer in length as compared to previous designs. This is because creation of websites which are responsive to mobile devices is needed for easy scrolling and navigation.

Storytelling with vibrant interaction

An impact should be made with content that is compelling and descriptive in a storytelling format. Interactive and animated web design has to be incorporated to render the wow factor which offers the user an appealing browsing experience. Visitors are more attracted to narrative driven web pages which are part of an innovative design.

Card design

Stemming from the latest website design trends, the card-based web design is excellent for responsive design and mobile devices as well as for the TL;DR generation.

Material design

Invented by Google, the material design is the blend between flat design and skeuomorphism. The Micro UX design offers a humane, delightful and innovative experience which engages the user.

Drop the one liners with huge background images

One of the sights that hit the eye is the huge flash banner with a one liner and image in some of the websites. With every other website brandishing the same design, it’s difficult to tell one site from the other. Now it’s about time to drop the big images and one liners that scroll one after another. This improves the performance and visibility.

Make the design simple and sensational

The trending designs are simple, uncluttered and sleek. All heavy colors, fonts and images should be removed to give the website breathing space and to offer the visitor a website that is clean, clear and infused with the spirit of freedom. When you choose an artistic web design company in Dubai, you will achieve the satisfaction of employing a professional designers who give your site the culture of class. Very often, these designers choose a vibrant color with corresponding shades which are offset with a neutral background rendering elegance and class.

Professional Imagery

Professional photography has now taken the place of custom photography or stock imagery. Original and rare, custom photography takes your website to higher levels making it stand out from the crowd with an impactful effect. Very often innovative designers use the real workplace and real people that would jell well as a social media marketing strategy and also with people.

Menus which are app like

With the whole website design scenario changing drastically, the latest trends have moved on to responsive web design. This change has snowballed into a demand for a design which looks great on a desktop and good on a mobile device. With app-like menus being incorporated into sites, the designs are rendered in a vertical menu on the right or left side of the webpage and opens out as a slideout or a flyout menu. Ghost buttons attract the attention with sans-serif fonts with thin lined borders which do not clutter the site but include the necessary navigation. With the popular trend, hidden menus do not show obvious navigation but deliver off screen navigation with interaction with an element which is placed at the right of the screen or the top left.

Big Fonts

Big fonts are making a comeback with a bang. Neat and orderly, big fonts make an impact and great for visibility.