A neatly trimmed lean body is the dream and the desire of all the people on this earth. For some it is a born gifted and for others it is a challenge to achieve. Looking good with perfect muscle mass and toned body requires a little effort. The trick is to find out the best training program and dietary supplement. Dietary nutrition is received in the form of calories by every cell. If these calories are not burnt they get deposited in the body as fat, this condition of the body is called anabolic state. In other cases, burning out calories, but taking in very few calories can put the body into a catabolic state. In the static state, the right balance of calorie consumption and calorie combustion is carried. A static body is what every person wants, for in an anabolic state, the body, tends to gain weight and in a catabolic state, the body tends to lose weight.

Best Workouts For Being Lean

Catabolic State

When a person has been in a catabolic state for a long time, it means he is on a severe diet plan in order to lose body mass. In the process, you waste muscles and there are no chances of gaining muscles. This affects the health and your skin and hair loses luster.

Anabolic State

Anabolic state of the body is when the weight tends to increase and the person becomes obese or overweight. In this process, you can increase the muscle mass and reduce the fat. However, a certain amounts of fat are required for overall health.


Before we start discussing on the exercises it is important to prove the importance of diet. Without proper diet, you will get into either an anabolic state or catabolic state. The intention of the article here is to bring the person to the right static state of the body so that the exercises are going to be very effective in creating the perfect shape of the person.


When men perform exercises they are focused on getting a strong pack of muscles. Hardly do they know the other good effects of the exercises. However, exercises enhance the strength and endurance of the muscles for the physical activity. To find the right form of exercises, it is important also to relate the amount of weight, number of sets, repetitions, frequencies, to work out. Aerobic or Cardio training and anaerobic resistance building training are the major set of exercises. Your fitness trainer will tell you if you are an anabolic or catabolic body. Based on which these exercises will be selected. The number of sets and reps is finalized based on the muscle type. 3 to 4 sets of every exercise will ensure complete stimulation of muscle fibers. Based on your requirement if you are an athlete or a sprinter, the repetitions will vary. The number of reps is usually 1 to 6 reps at the lower end and 30 to 50 reps at the higher end. Whatsoever, it is important to get the pump so that you stimulate your muscles completely.

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