If you have an old iPhone or other smartphone just sitting around, now is the time is to do something with it. These old devices may not be much use to you, but they could be invaluable for others. Smartphones are expensive; so many people cannot afford to own one. For them your old one will be a welcome gift. If you do decide to give it away here are a few things you need to do before you do so.

Check it Still Works

The first step is to check that the phone still charges, gets a good signal and is in good working order. If there are issues, do not dismiss the idea of giving it away.

Get it Repaired

Recently, the cost of getting this type of phone repaired has fallen drastically. This is because many repairers now offer their services via the web. That gives them a huge customer pool, so they now work far more efficiently.

As demand has risen, so prices have dropped. Whether you need smartphone repair in Hallandale or Washington, you can potentially use the same company. The fact there is so much competition has also helped to drive prices down.

Remove Your Personal Details

Go through your phone and remove any personal details. By this, we mean notes, photos, videos, browsing history, cookies and passwords.

It is also a good idea to remove things like shopping apps, and maybe maps apps if you are sensitive about your location history. The new owner is not likely to dig around on the phone to get these details, but you do not know how many hands the unit will eventually go through. In addition, the new owner may not be good about security, so your old details could be picked up as part of a phishing scam or something like that.