Are you preparing for midterms, tests or final exams? Do you think a highlighter is your best friend when it comes to memorizing? A lot of students consider well-known yellow markers to be the perfect study tools. However, recent research shows that students, who like to pepper their textbooks with yellow strips, don’t show any improvement in learning when they re-read their notes.

Quite the contrary, a highlighter will hardly affect your memory abilities or help you create permanent memories. Why don’t you try some alternative methods and techniques?

Be Disciplined at All Times

You can put yourself in your professors’ shoes. He is only one and there are so many students. Behave and set examples for the rest of class. Would you want to be listened to attentively if you were performing some material in front of your class? Yes, you would. You can also help the professor calming the rest students.

Look for Assistance

If your writing skills are far from being perfect or you just can’t stand sitting in the library for hours, use help online and try to find someone who can teach you. Many students find writing essays, tests or exams a rather complicated task. That’s why professional will save you all this trouble.

Don’t Forget about Homework

This is the most difficult assignment for college students as they have many temptations. They are far from home, there are many parties on and outside the campus, and they are young and full of energy. Yes, you can do all that; just learn to prioritize school’s responsibilities over your own desires.

Do home assignment properly and always on time. Professors hate when you miss the deadline for no obvious reason. This is where your notes can help a lot as the most important information is given during the classes.

Urge Your Routine Forward

Don’t underestimate the importance of good blood flow. When you are hunching your back over a computer for a long time, it may result in demotivation and loss of your concentration. To prevent this from happening, take regular five-minute breaks to stretch up your legs or walk up and down the stairs. Even such a short time will restore your strength and energy.

Don’t Hurry

Don’t try to take and learn everything at once. It’s much better to absorb little bits of information. This way your brain will most likely retain new knowledge and the whole study process will be more productive.

Eat Properly

Remember not to skip breakfast because it’s alled the most important meal of the day for a reason. You need protein for your brain nourishment. Also, it prevents headaches and just boosts your energy. If you make breakfast time your regular healthy habit, you will probably realize that most creative and productive hours are in the morning.

Have a Nap

Don’t forget to get some rest. Having a nap from time to time won’t do you any harm. In a recent study, the researchers found out that deep sleep after work or study stimulates connection growth between various brain cells, which helps to retain permanent memories.

Be Fast and Furious

A great and useful method to weed out needless information is to try speed-reading. Reading texts slowly can make the processing important information much slower and more difficult. If you are used to reading online, try free Spreeder application.

Switch Off the Light

It’s not always a bad thing to be in the darkness. On the contrary, it may be the best way to concentrate and focus your attention on study without any distractions. Try out sitting in a room free of light and putting a finish to your work.

Remember to Treat Yourself

In case you experience a lack of concentration while studying, it’s also a great way to choose some sort of treat. Think about the best treat for you, no matter if it’s a bowl of ice-cream or soothing bubble bath in the evening. You may think about it as some sort of prize you are going to get after the current task is accomplished. Then you will definitely look forward to getting it and finish the work faster.

Get Comfortable

Have you thought that cozy atmosphere and domestic surrounding can help as you prepare for the exam?  Wearing uncomfortable or formal clothes can make you indolent and sleepy. Also, check the temperature in your room. Too hot or too cold temperature will make you lose concentration while you study.

These are the basic tips every student needs to follow. There is nothing complicated and every person should consider these tips. What is more, do not forget that there is also life beyond college walls. These activities will help you freshen up and get ready for a productive studying!

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