Different life situations make people dig through many options of how to get money ASAP. In fact, being in need of more cash than you earn as a full-time employee is a usual thing. So what to do, when you have absolutely no time and desire to take up some extra jobs but need some easy and legitimate way to get cash? Here are 8 fast and effective ways to make money. Hopefully, at least one of these options will work for you.

Sell Your Old Stuff on eBay

Can you get some good money for something you were about to throw away into a trash bin? Anyway, it’s worth a try, especially when thousands of other people prefer getting rid of their unnecessary stuff by selling it on eBay. Just look through the list of things people manage to sell there and you’ll definitively want to post some of your goods too.

Get Some Temporary Job

When there is no opportunity to even work on a part-time position, search for agencies interested in hiring people for some short-term work. Just spend a little bit of your free time to complete a task and you’ll get your monetary reward right away. Sometimes you won’t even need to turn to some temp agencies because there are a lot of job groups on social media where you can learn who needs temporary workers in your area.

Sell Handmade Goods

Not only can you try and sell some of your unnecessary goods from the attic but also make some of your own things. You can actually turn your hobby into a business. For instance, if you are fond of knitting, you can sell cute knitted socks for babies or even homemade toys. You can either do that online or join a community sale if there are some in your locality.

Organize a Garage Sale

For those, who have tons of old stuff gathering dust on the shelves, the best way to say goodbye to all of those things and yet receive some profit is organizing a garage sale. Just let everyone know about your big sale the other day so that more people can come by.

Become a Freelancer

Got skills for some freelance job? So, why not giving it a chance? Right now, there are hundreds of sources that help freelancers find reliable customers who need their services. And to make sure you actually get paid for your work, use platforms with integrated payment collection.

Get a Loan

Considering the fact that you actually borrow the money from your lender and not making your own, most people find such way helpful and reliable enough to try. Speaking of reliability, pay attention to Sterling Store loans. The major advantage of online lenders over traditional banks is their convenience in applying process and fast cash within 1-3 business days.

Lease Your Stuff/Place

Yes, you can make money out of leasing your own stuff as well. For instance, instead of leaving your prom dress hanging in your closet for years, you can lease it to friends of your friends, distant relatives or to completely unknown people. To find the latter, just post your ad on Craigslist and wait for a response.

Want more cash in your pocket? Lease your whole room, or a garage, or a parking space in the last resort. Sometimes, having a new person in your house means not only a monetary profit but also a good company on a Saturday night.

Be Active

If you are willing to generate money, get out of your couch and be active. Let everyone around know that you are available for some extra work, whether it’s mowing the lawn, walking dogs or a handyman’s work. It’s always all about making right connections and developing your network. That’s why it’s always a great idea to meet your former college mate or a colleague for a cup of coffee to spread the word.

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