Nowadays the number of job seekers in the job market is tremendous. It is not surprising that candidates have to face a lot of requirements.

While a perfect resume is a must and can be achieved easily with the help of resume writing company, there are also less expected demands. The most employers admitted they would love their future workers to have coding skills and be a tech savvy. Here are some other tendencies in the employment world of 2017 every job seeker should know.

Passive Job Seeking

Searching for a job, when you already have one is the most common job seeking approach of the recent years. The survey shows that a lot of workers are satisfied with their position, but they are still open for the new opportunities.

If you are not an active job seeker but ready for potential offers, there are a lot of websites that will help you to find a new job without putting a lot of effort. Consider checking Jobr, Indeed, Rake, Job Compass and other applications for your phone. In most cases, this kind of job search is anonymous and does not require much time.

Be Ready For Assessment

The assessment of candidate’s professional skills and knowledge is obligatory and expected. The innovation that might surprise you. Today some employers suggest a personality test and analysis of your behavior. The Myers-Briggs test is used by a lot of companies to choose the most suitable person for the position. The most important during this assessment is being honest. It is in your interest to find the job that is perfect for your personality. Try to take the similar test in advance to be sure your result is not influenced by the pressure and stress.

Additionally, pre-employment testing offers the candidates the skills development course before hiring them. A company prepares potential workers for the real work conditions and introduces them to the tasks they will face daily. There are usually a few participants but do not be afraid of competition. It gives you the chance to try the job and decide if it is for you. During the course, you may also discover the skills that are more suitable for another position in this company. Even if you will not be hired, the course will give you the knowledge you may use in another company.

The Importance Of Social Media

Almost every job seeker involves social media channels in their job search. It is not a secret that the employers also use this method to find workers. Having a strong LinkedIn profile and constant activity is a well-known recommendation. The new approach is to pay more attention to “weaker” connections on LinkedIn and Facebook. People who know you through someone else may lead you to your new job. Do not forget about other channels like Snapchat and Instagram. You never know who reads your stories. It is a creative way to get people interested in what you do and potentially get job offers.

Distance Is Not An Obstacle

Having flexible work hours and working remotely becomes a usual thing. It is not an exception anymore but just another option for workers. A lot of companies look for remote workers in different fields like IT industry, art, administration, pharmacy, and others. The location is not an issue anymore and it is not obligatory to move to another area to get a desirable job. It also means that a worker has to be ready to work at home. That might require a workplace without distractions, a reliable internet connection, the necessary software and other equipment depending on the job.

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