If you care about your valuable assets to invest in the offset storage, you will want peace of mind that they are protected and secured. Almost all the self-storage units available have the security measures in place, and they have a wide variety of locks for sale for providing extra protection to the belongings. Here, below are some of the common types of locks you may choose as the option for keeping the items secured and protected. The locks that are described here include the hardened steel disc locks, closed-shackle padlocks and the recessed cylinder locks. So, let us tell about these three commonly used locks available for you-

1. Hardened Steel Disc Locks

If you are thinking about the thieves or burglary at the storage unit, you should choose these disc locks. They take enough time, effort and equipment to break through easily. Thus, discouraging the thieves to enter the storage unit and taking all your products out. This type of thick lock fits around the storage unit door latch and provides the anti-pick, anti-drill security along with the high-level of security mechanisms. The outer surface is hardened, and it is resistant to any cutting or destruction.

2. Closed-Shackle Padlock

These padlocks are closed shackle, and they have thick and short metal links. It can make bolt cutter’s nightmare. These locks are generally tough in build and strong to hold. They are available in various security features. They include the double-bolted shackles and the corrosion resistant metal plating.

3. Recessed Cylinder Locks

This lock is quite similar to the door of the home or the apartment. These locks are built directly in the unit’s front door of the storage. As they are built in this way, they do not stick out of the doorframe. They are very hard to cut off. If you want to add an extra step in the protection, some of the storage facilities replace the old lock and use this lock in the place.

Apart from the locks, there are other security measures that the storage units mainly utilise for better protection of the items. The storage units should have advanced security systems like DVR recording, cameras and the monitors. The storage spaces should have door alarms that work to protect the belongings of the customers. If the alarms get triggered, they will make a sound which is audible in the storage facility. It also induces an extra step by calling the central management system for calling the police department.

The recessed cylinder locks or the steel disc locks are used for protecting your belongings in the storage space. They are designed to withstand the break-ins, and they keep the units secured for a lifetime. One of the best features of the storage spaces is that they provide 24/7 surveillance and access for the customers so that they can come any time and check their belongings. Even the storage units like public storage in Seattle these days have the motion sensing lights and fence perimeters for better accessibility.

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