Having your own motorhome has a unique charm. And with the Australian dollar rising and an array of vehicles moving across the country, what can be a better time to have your very own mobile home?

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While the fashionable caravans towed behind similarly fashionable cars have become common, recent years are seeing an increase in professional importing motorhomes into Australia with Dazmac. Luxury motorhomes and RVs from the US and Europe have been increasingly appearing in the country.

On the background of global economic crisis, high Australian dollar is able to buy a lot, especially a vehicle that should suit your lifestyle.

Do you desire the independence offered by a car to drive around, while keeping the RV back at a holiday park? Are you feeling confident enough to tow a fifth-wheeler or caravan?

Or do you want a self-contained RV, freshwater tanks, cooking, independent battery power, shower system and a self-contained toilet?

You just reach the site and are totally independent – your vehicle will leave no waste or rubbish, no connections or plugs are needed.

The joy of being able to pull over on the desert road, sip a tea, take a little stroll around and perhaps a bit of sleep is very special and it’s offered by your own mobile home.

So, what should you look for while choosing your motorhome?

1. Buyer’s Brief for Your Reference

First off, write a buyer’s brief for your own reference. Make a point schedule reflecting your priorities.

E.g. for you, a decent cooking oven should get 10 points while a roof-rack should have 4 points. An outdoor storage is worth ten points whereas a microwave is worth 2 points.

Consider lounge layouts and how beddings are made up. Think about whether any visitors will stay with you and whether you need a fixed bed and en-suite.

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2. Usage

Next you should consider how frequently you will use the mobile home, e.g. every weekend, once in a month, a few times in a year or more. If you are not going to use it often, a lot of your money will be just sitting in your backyard.

Here you can try renting vehicles of various sizes to check what suits you the best. For example, a six-berth offers numerous options with beds and space, but a long wheelbase two-berth is capable of meeting most requirements for weekend trips.

3. Budget

Next important point to consider is what suits your budget. Prices will vary from classic caravans that are cheaper to brand new vehicles that cost a lot.

The new vehicles are actually high-end luxury apartments on wheels with fittings and fixtures you may be longing for in your stable home.

A little more recent four-berth motorhome manufactured in 2006 will cost a little more than a classic 1970 RV, but you may want to spend some more cash for installing an inverter, replacing grunting batteries, installing independent diesel or gas heating or boosting up the solar panels.

Keep in mind that with imported vehicles, you get a varied choice, but the quality can vary too, just like the cost of shipping car from Australia to New Zealand from Dazmac Logistics. You will also have to understand the electrical and gas compliance needs. Go through the instructions to check gas safety in caravans and tents.

4. Check Warranties

You should also carefully check the warranties with new imported vehicles. The manufacturer’s warranty is invalidated by private importers once the vehicle leaves its original country.

Get the style of warranty explained from authorised distributors as it varies from manufacturer and company.

If proper research is conducted and due care is taken you can become a happy owner of a mobile home and are free to roam around the country. You can check the cheapest new car as well.


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