Homeowners on the brink of a bathroom remodel may think about putting a bathtub in. After all, it is a feature that most homebuyers would want, so it can only add to the home’s resale value. That may have been true a generation ago, but it is no longer how it is today. You can use the money you save from a bath installation to get top-notch bathroom appointments from Brookstone. Here are the reasons why you should not put a bathtub in your home.

3 Reasons Not To Have A Bathtub In The Home


Many homebuyers today put a premium on their time. Soaking in a bathtub is not high on their list of priorities. When a home features has no potential use for the homeowner, it loses its value. While some people might think a bathtub conveys luxury, the truth is very few will actually use the bathtub more than 12 times in a year.


A bathtub is a considerable investment in money and space, but between the two, space is the more important. Homebuyers today want to make the most out of their square footage, and a bathtub takes up so much space it becomes a liability rather than an asset. A better investment would be a good quality spa shower, which takes up much less space and gets considerably more use than a bathtub.


Women are more likely to want a bathtub than men are. Even so, they may think twice about it for health reasons. Some studies have shown that women are at higher risk of contracting an infection by soaking in a bathtub. Both men and women are also more likely to get rashes and other skin problems if they do not shower after a bath.

The fact is bathtubs are no longer practical, or even recommended. The idea of a long, hot bath may seem an attractive one in theory, but in reality it has outlived its usefulness.

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