If you are thinking on starting a career on the ptc industry then you need to learn a few important things first. I’ve created a list with the top 5 tips I can give you on your first steps towards paid to click websites.

  1. Most Paid to click websites (approximately 90%) are not going to get passed the 6 months of life. The reason is because of the competition..  It is huge and most of the times ptc administrators are not in position to develop a steady stream of new members to join and a steady stream of advertising money.
  2. Most people in this industry will claim that they own a list with the best ptc websites for you – the newbie – to join. The reality is that there are only a handful of websites that are trusted to join.
  3. The king of the ptc industry is Clixsense. (Read Review) Clixsense has been online since 2008, it has over 5 million members and it has never missed a payment.. Ever..
  4. Do not make the mistake to ‘’invest’’ your money to fancy membership upgrades and rented referrals. Rented referrals are bots designed to make you lose money. As simple as that.
  5. To really succeed with this industry you need to get direct referrals. Lots of them. To get them you need to use paid marketing methods. Free methods suck and they will only waste your time.

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