There are many locksmiths online, in the phone book and the local listing. You may have seen such names as Locksmith Brunswick VIC, auto locksmiths and others who advertise in the mentioned areas. They may post a lot of adverts just like any other business would but there is something they do not say that you should know.

Here are some tricks you must know about locksmiths:

Scam artists

There are many locksmiths online or in any other listing that are scam artists. They start by quoting you an unbelievable price, but once they come to your house or property, they will complain that your lock is very special and cannot be picked. They recommend the option of drilling it open. Sometimes they will ask you to pay a hundred dollars to replace a lock that you could have bought for less than fifty dollars at your nearest locksmith outlet.

No free toll service call

Some dishonest locksmiths will claim that they have toll-free call centers but the moment you call them, a call that is usually five dollars will automatically be nine dollars. That is likely to happen to you if you are not careful.

Low standard locks

The unscrupulous locksmith will tell you that they have high standard locks only to realize that they replaced your lock with a low-grade lock. Many of these locks are mass- manufactured by manufacturers with hi repute but turn out to be low quality.

No duplication

They will sell you some locks and keys with the “Do not duplicate” stamp, but this is not true. In fact, such labeled keys are always duplicated. Ask your local locksmith whether there exist lock keys that would not be duplicated.

We are the only one

Never believe a locksmith who claims that they are the only one who can duplicate keys. In many cases, an auto locksmith for instant can make a duplicate key for you at a lower price for the service.

Master key for door knob and dead bolt

Some locksmiths will make you believe that they can key your door such that the master key opens both the doorknob and the dead bolt. Beware of such locksmiths since they are about to swindle you.

Call just one

Some locksmiths have several numbers that are directed to one number or center. They may also intercept your call, and all you get is poor services.

Wrong installation

Some contractors are not sure of their tasks. They may install your lock wrongly and the next day you will be calling in the middle of the night after being locked out. The way they key your lock or install it is not right, and it cannot protect you. All they want is to be given another opportunity to come and check your lock again for extra pay.

False assurance

Some locksmiths will tell you that everything will be alright with your system the moment you call them and that they will be at your place at the shortest time possible. You may end up waiting for more than three hours, and besides the delay, they may take a long time to figure out the problem.