Vitamin D is called as sunshine vitamin and it is important for healthy and strong bones. Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins required by body for strong bones, teeth and strong immune system. Health conscious people never ignore the importance of vitamin D and they try to fulfill their needs through health diet and eat foods rich in vitamin D.

Why Vitamin D Is So Important For Our Health?
Sources of Vitamin D:

From sunlight:

There are number of sources of vitamin D such as it can be gained from food and sunlight as well. Vitamin D is called sunshine vitamin because it is produced when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin. You must have heard that doctors recommend newborn babies to be exposed to sunlight in winter because their bones can be health in this way. Just 10 minutes exposure of sunlight will make your body to produce vitamin D naturally.
Besides getting vitamin D from sunlight, you can get it from food sources as well. The National instate of health highly recommends that you need to take vitamin D from various sources so that your blood have adequate amount of vitamin D.

From Food:

Naturally vitamin D is present naturally in some of the foods but there are other foods fortified with vitamin D, it means that vitamin D is added in them from external way. There are number of foods which contain vitamin D such as Egg Yolk, Salmon fish, Shrimp, sardines etc. Fortified food sources of vitamin D are fortified milk, fortified cereal, fortified yogurt, fortified oranges and many other foods.
Although there are various sources of vitamin D and you can easily get this vitamin from sunlight and food as well but still some people became vitamin D deficient and then need to get this vitamin in the form of vitamin D supplements. On an average recommended daily allowance of vitamin D is 600 IU.
There are a number of vitamin D supplements available in the market but samy network have their own name. Vitamin D deficiency leads to many health and bone problems and one such disease is osteoporosis. So you need to watch your body vitamin D levels and need to fulfill the requirements of body through every possible way whether from sunlight, from food or from supplements. Of course you cannot burn your skin in summer with sunlight with harmful rays but there is always a solution for everything.

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