Though the electricity is used in every step of everyday’s life , but if it is not handled properly may cause different hazards . One must be very careful while handling any electric appliance or while wiring . Here are a few common mistakes people make :

1.     Poor Connections :

When the connections while wiring are not tight and if the resistance of the wires are high, there is gradually an heat produced in the wires which would raise until the power is supplied to it and After attaining the maximum temperature, the wire ignites. The connections also must not be too tight , so leave atleast 3 inches of wire outside the electric box.

mistake-32.     Loose and Ungrounded Outlets:

The outlets must be of three slots , since the third extra slot is for ground that avoids short circuits , but if you’re interested in two slots outlet or bought a home such outlets , then from inner side of the Switch they must be grounded, check with the tester if they are. And avoid loose outlets , as they are dangerous the terminals gets free inside of loose terminals creating an arc resulting in heat and potential fire.

3.     No Electric Box :

Never connect the wires outside the boxes , the wires may be affected with the temperature changes. It may also cause any accidental damage , resulting in sparks or short circuits, To avoid this you must place an electric box. The Electrician of Sutherland masters in installing right type of Electric box based on your electricity need.

4.     Unprotected Cable:

The Sheathed cable which is left open between the framing , gets easily effected since it’s made of plastic. The cables which are in the wall or over it can be easily damaged , to avoid this cablesmust be protected with electric codes.

5.     Short Box:

Electrical Boxes in which so many wires are stuffed leads to over heating and short circuits. So the Electric box must be of adequate size, Not too small not too large .

6.     Outlet Near To Water Place:

May a times, the electric outlets in bathrooms and kitchen are installed near the wash basins or bath tubs , due to which the probability of water entering into the connections is often. The only way to get through this problem is to opt for a right electrician like that of Electrician Sydney of SEC Group.

7.     Aluminium Wiring:

Aluminium Wiring is a cheaper substitute of Copper, But the danger level is high. Since aluminium corrodes when it comes in contact with copper leading to arc and ignition. In order to prevent corrosion, the retrofit wire with nuts that are greased to avoid aluminium and copper corrosion must be used and they should come with the print of A-L compatible on it.

Discussed above are a few common mistakes done at domestic level. Take precautions to avoid such electric hazards and mainly keep your children away from the outlets and electrical appliances.

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