If you are (or plan to become) a proud owner of a sizeable 6 inch smartphone, then you definitely need to invest in a couple of accessories to help you make the best out of your new device. After all, a big smart phone does have a few features that are best utilized with the aid of a few accessories.

So without further ado, here are five of the top accessories that’ll help you make the most out of your plus-sized smartphone:

Side-Flip Case

Never underestimate the importance of investing in a good case for your phone – especially a 6 inch smart phone.

First off, the case must fit perfectly to the contours of your phone in order to completely protect the device. Next, the case must provide clear access to all ports so that you can plug in whatever device you need to work with. And finally, the material of the case must be sturdy enough to withstand not just the wear-and-tear of use, but the occasional drop from an alarming height as well.

Power Bank

A 6 inch smart phone guzzles up power like you wouldn’t believe, which is why a power bank comes highly recommended.

A charge of at least 5,000mAh should be enough to cover the power used while calling, texting and emailing. If you use your phone for extended periods of time, constantly hook up to wireless internet access and/or run graphically intensive apps, then you’ll want to work with power banks that hold a charge of 10,000mAh or more.

Desktop Dock

If you want to comfortably use a large screen smart phone on a tablet top or office desk, then a desktop dock will make your life a whole lot easier.

These docks hold your phone in place to align with the position of your head; allowing you to work more comfortably instead of craning your neck down all the time. This is especially useful for 6 inch smart phones considering their size and weight. If you want a really nifty desktop dock, then go for ones with built-in power chargers and stylus pens for easier access.

Bluetooth Headset

Why slap that huge 6” smart phone on the side of your head when you can just connect a Bluetooth headset to handle calls?

These headsets spare you the inconvenience of having to pull out a large phablet every time you need to take a call. All you need to do here is pair the headset via Bluetooth and start chatting away while you keep your hands in your pocket. They’re more stylish to wear and use as well, which is always a plus in the fashion book.

Bluetooth Watch

If you don’t want to pull your 6 inch smart phone out of your pocket to check the time or incoming messages, then a Bluetooth watch is just what you need.

Many of these watches are designed with one purpose in mind: alerting you to incoming calls, texts or emails. It can quickly become tiresome when you have to pull out your large and bulky phablet just to check up on notifications. With a Bluetooth watch, you only need to glance down at your wrist and do a quick swipe or button press to check notifications. You’ll then pull out your large screen smart phone only when something important comes up.

Keep all these accessories in mind, and you’ll be able to find gadgets that perfectly complement your high-powered 6 inch smartphone!

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