Employees face many challenges in the course of a workday. One of these challenges is the abuse of their rights. The majority those who have secured employment have their rights protected under different legislation, depending on the state in which they are employed. In Washington State, many workers have their rights protected under Washington State Labor and Industries (L&I). This is an agreement between workers and their employers. It permits employees to sue their employers if specific terms are abused.

About Workers’ Compensation Law In Washington State

How Can a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Benefit You?

Injury Compensation. Workers can receive up to 60 percent of their benefits during their recuperation period within 14 days of placing the request.

Death Reimbursements. In the event of death, the deceased worker’s family can receive death benefits that cover burial costs, partial medical expenses and up to 60 percent of the income of the deceased, depending on the size of the family.

Medical Benefits. Medical expenses incurred by the employee for treatment of work-related illness will be covered by the employer.

Permanent Disability. “In case you receive a permanent disability such as the loss of a limb or total paralysis in course of duty, you can be entitled to pension incomes,” said John Paul Gustad, a Seattle personal injury lawyer.

Temporary Disability. Temporary incapacity can also warrant a worker to remunerations until their return to work.

Vocational Rehabilitation. Workers can benefit proceeds set aside for retraining in case they cannot perform their job due to injury or otherwise.

Multiple Injury Compensation. In case of incurring several injuries, a worker can be reimbursed accordingly.

Change of Condition. Injuries suffered at work can deteriorate the worker’s condition, requiring an amendment on the worker`s benefits.

Employees in Seattle and the larger Washington State area acquire timely and trustworthy professional assistance from the state-run Worker’s Compensation insurance program. For complete legal guidance regarding Worker’s Compensation, contact a Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

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