Sap material management module deals with several components and their subparts including purchasing and inventory, maintaining master data, etc. sap mm is essential for business purposes involving processes such as a business transaction. Mainly the businesses involve more than one sap transaction to be accomplished and can be spread over more than one module. Transaction in Sap mm stands for processing of information in order to complete a certain task. One can perform a transaction code (t-code) that will enable the user to see the required change in the Sap.

Submodules of SAP MM:

  • Master data: it is the data that is used as the basis of all data transaction. It used to maintain a note of activities such as producing, selling, buying, doing a physical inventory all these activities require a certain master data to be maintained.
  • Inventory management: inventory management is done to maintain a record of goods and process did. It involves several key features such as goods issued, goods receipt, movement of goods, and the reservation for goods.
  • Pricing procedure: in SAP MM it is used to determine the purchasing price of a good. A sequence of the procedure is created, and all conditions are assigned to help in determining the price of the product.

SAP MM is used in all major and small-scale industries to manage the inventory, determining its manufacturing, buying, selling and storing costs. It fairly gives an estimation of cost and time taken for product manufacture, store and sell.

SAP MM is mainly used in the field of logistics of a company where one has to keep an extensive record of the product which the firm buys or sells, in case of buying – the date of purchase, billing where and in what quantity is it stored. In case of selling – date of manufacturing, what amount of time it has consumed in the inventory store, its selling price and date, etc. all these features have made SAP MM an extensively used application in all kinds of industry.

There are various courses available in the market with which one can learn SAP MM. An SAP MM tutorial has to extensively cover at least all the above-mentioned topics thus making one aware of the proceedings in the SAP MM. If a person applies for SAP MM certification, he has to be prepared to face certain questions in an interview. These common questions are easily available on the internet and can be learned sitting at home, some of these questions may be as follows:

Common SAP MM interview questions:

  • Explain what SAP MM is?
  • What are the components of SAP MM?
  • What is the important field of purchasing?
  • What is the importance of bath record?
  • What is a purchasing table? List transaction code for a purchasing table?
  • What is a transaction code to delete a batch?
  • What is a transaction code used to extend the material view?

These are some of the common questions which can be asked in the interview for the certification course or can even be asked at a job interview where SAP MM is required to be the essential criteria.

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