From small cupcakes to unconventional giant sizes, these cakes do come with strings attached to it, just in case you’re vouching for it desperately.  This can be your day of expression or demarcation or maybe even reincarnation. We don’t mean to crack a joke with those rhyming words, but what we are saying is that you can’t be judged on your birthday. Your free to try being just the way you are notwithstanding the fact you are a freaking nerd or some light-hearted piano player. You don’t have to play by rules on your birthday.

Your mom or dad must have told you a lot about the day you kicked started a jolly ride. It’s been the same for your closed ones around you as well.  Either way, you want it to be crazy and fun affair like a normal person does and there are ways to triple them all without any extra efforts.

In the ultra-modern age of internet smitten generation, you don’t have to even blink an eye and you have online cake shop in Jaipur or in any other location of your preference normal. Take our word for it.

Here are few more suggestions to make your day even more joyful.

Theme Birthdays:

Birthdays are the moments you get to cherish for a longer period of time. That is why even though you do the best possible preparation, it would still seem like there is still some unfinished business left to sort. So to show that you care about the people around you who have made it to the venue why not throw a theme party. This will not just to make you feel special but also entertain the guests right from the moment of arrival to the end of the party.  Going over the top with themed parties cannot just surprise your soul but also make exciting wall posts.

Here is a list of theme parties you can try hosting:


         Hollywood inspired

         Pyjama parties

         Avatar (DIY costumes may be of help)

         Fairy tales inspired


         Bollywood parties


There are no bounds to easily-pull-off these party ideas with the help of gizmos, costumes and goodies available online. Most of the gifts shops on the internet are known to take the entire celebration to a whole new level at one go.

Plan ahead:

Don’t forget to plan a couple of weeks ahead. Scribble into your note, take up a quiz or pin up the important notes, whatever you do set a reminder. There are examples of people who plan the entire event and sleep exhausted only to wake up realizing that they almost forgot the event, God forbid nobody wants that nightmare to happen.

Be yourself:

Giant cakes, friends, families, gifts, and greetings it’s all roses for you as you click and order from an online cake shop in Jaipur. There is no better way you throw your birthday bash inviting your list of guests into the ballroom and oozing out the extra self-confidence. You’re not aging but adding to the experience. A birthday cake has a lot of emotions attached to it. Those emotions are not just about being old in any way like they are usually considered. It’s about making your presence felt. It about your true feeling inside and these celebrations can also be the reflection of whom you are, your inner self.  Quite liberating isn’t it?

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