Foodies all over the world travel through different cities just for tasting a particular famous delicacy. The entire world has something or the other for you to taste and treat your taste buds. Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands which is the Dutch country. There are multiple things to try in the city of Amsterdam and one of those things is the delicious food items that are served in the city. Here’s a list of the most amazing food items that are served in the city of amsterdam.


  • Stroopwafel


Waffles have recently reached many parts of the world and people from every part of the world are admiring and appreciating the waffles. A stroopwafel is a variation of the same and is consumed and served in the city of Amsterdam. It is a must to try in Amsterdam as they serve some extremely authentic and delicious stroopwafels.


  • Kibbeling


If you are a fish person and would love every ‘fishy’ dish out there in the city, then you should definitely try out some kibblings. These are the deep-fried morsels of the white fish and is prepared in such lip-smacking flavors that you would wish to take this back to your hometown.


  • Thick Dutch Fries


Who doesn’t love the fries? But the Dutch fries which are generally regarded as the patatje oorlog is something you surely haven’t tried before. These are slightly thick for the regular fries and are absolutely amazing in taste. They are served with some onions, peanut sauce, and mayo.


  • Poffertjes


Amsterdam is much into the desserts and therefore, after the stroopwafel here we have the poffertjes. It is a a buttery and fluffy dish which gets its sugar sprinkling which makes it even tastier. You can find it any local vendor in the market and can enjoy it in a good amount.


  • Stamppot


The literal translation of Stappot comes out to be ‘mash pot’. The dish involves mashed potatoes which are served with certain other vegetables. Some of the most appreciated and the traditional forms of stamppot consists of carrot, onion, kale, sauerkraut and a juicy big sausage which will make you fall in love with this dish head over heels.


  • Dutch Liquorice


Liquorice is tried and tasted by every person as it is available in every part of the world but the dutch liquorice is a whole lot different than the general liquorice which you are habitual of eating. The liquorice served here is more salty and a dark colored version of the liquorice.


  • Tompouce


Tompouce is yet another dessert served in the city of Amsterdam. It is a rectangular pastry filled with a layer of very smooth icing which is generally in pink in color. The icing is no colored organe.

These are the few types of food items that are quite famous in Amsterdam. You can visit any of the much popular restaurants and cafes in Amsterdam through the very comforting Amsterdam airport transfers.

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