Ever wondered which car is better for you? I get it there is a trend of automatizing and everyone prefers automatically operated cars primarily because for one you don’t have to switch gear every now and then. Manual users have their own level of preference.

This piece is not to convince you as to which one is better but to present certain points that will enable you to decide which works for you.

Automatic Transmission Vehicle (ATV)

Shifting gear manually isn’t that difficult of a job but yes it takes practice to master the art. Working a clutch can get trickier with respect to the use of limbs independently for some drivers but with automatic you learn in less time and don’t have to worry about the hassle of shifting gears.

The idea to opt for using an automatic is also because drivers are taught that while driving both hands should be on the wheel. In manual, you have to constantly worry about switching gears when slowing down or applying breaks or looking to drive faster which takes up a considerable amount of attention.

With auto say bye-bye to having to drive holding the steering wheel with a single hand while placing your other hand on the gear stick. In addition, if you’re visiting a hilly region and even for experienced drivers, they will face difficulty climbing steep inclines. ATV takes care of the problem efficiently.

Stalling (engine) risk is significantly reduced. This can get embarrassing with manual when your car accidently stalls after the traffic signal light changes to green. If you were using an auto this awkward situation could have been avoided as it happens in auto only when any mechanical issue occurs.

The other issue with manual is that if you are stuck in heavy traffic, more effort goes into accelerating and decelerating of the car which is very tiresome practice. It can also damage your gearbox. On the other hand, ATV will provide the driver with seamless motion in a single push of a pedal.

Manual Transmission Vehicle (MTV)

The first and foremost advantage of a manual car is that it relatively less expensive to buy than ATV. If you’re on a budget an MTV will come in handy and in turn will save you a few thousand dollars. Statistically speaking, the mean average would be of $1000 on each purchase of manual as opposed to auto (of course on the same model, remember apple to apple comparison).

Again when it’s costing you low it goes without saying that it will also cost you less on its maintenance. You know why? Because the added functionality that goes into developing an automatic machine is not present in a manual car duh!

The downside could be that of the clutch as you need it to shift gears, applying brakes and pretty much everything relies on the use of the clutch and if that dies away, well the expense can be high. Fuel efficiency is another factor why people opt for manual cars.

Normally, you get more kilometers out of the petrol you pump in than in an automatic. According to studies manual cars save you 5% to 15% on fuel costs. Another factor to weigh in is that it will be less likely to get stolen. An entire generation has not learned to drive a manual machine and is enough   assurance that the car-thief will simply walk away upon learning that its manual (LOL).

Control is what people love MTVs for! To suit the best gear for any given situation, meaning if it’s danger you sense on the road you can take charge and slow it down or drift or race away from criminals; you see the tailored aspect of it. That’s what having control means and drivers prefer.

Therefore, it is for you to decide. We have presented with the brief analysis.

Author Bio: Miley Adam works for a leading car manufacturer and has been associated with automobile industry for a number of years. She loves to blog at popular forums like UK Dissertation Writing and lend industry insights to her readers. 

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