There is something about two-wheels that just pulls a person right in. Perhaps it is the fact that you can easily squeeze through heavy traffic, or the fact that it is easy to get around the place in or perhaps the exhilarating experience about driving up and down a mountain pass with the wind blowing through your hair.

Whether you are hitting the open road with your girlfriend, or doing epic races, a bike is a way of life. But like everything else, these things have shortcomings. In comparison to cars, bikes are more vulnerable. This means that you are more prone to accidents and other mishaps.

You need to do more than keep your balance if you wish to leave without a scratch, or worse; dying. Here are a couple of great tips to keep you on the breathing side.

  1. Wear a Helmet

You probably have heard the same old thing from your mom when you were learning how to ride a bike. Well, guess what? She was right! Brain damage is no joke at all because it has led to serious injuries and death as well. No matter how much thicker your skull has gotten over the years, it is no matter for the impact you can get on solid concrete or the road.

We do not mean to scare you on this, but things like that have actually happened. Do yourself a huge solid and just put on a helmet.

  1. Don’t Buy A Bike That You Can’t Handle

You’d be more than surprised at the kind of models that are going to sales these days. Even the ones with smaller looking engines pack a lot more speed and power than the other models from 10 years ago. However, don’t go buying off a bike that is more than what you can handle.

Choose a ride that is not only easy for you to get on but also fine on handling and maneuvering. We recommend a small model with a 250- to 300-cc engine makes a great start for rookies.

  1. Wear Gloves

It may not seem like a big deal at first but think about it for a second. What is the first thing you do if or when you fall off of your bike? Put your hands out. It is how the human brain reacts on instinct. Even if you do fall off of a minor bump, you will only walk away with a few scratches when you’re wearing gloves.

Go with simple leather gloves if you have to. But you may want to prefer the Harley-Davidson ones for better security.

  1. Perfect Your Skills

Riding a simple bicycle is different than a motorcycle. You may as well take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) riding course near your area. It is not just important, it is absolutely critical for you to take. These courses, or anything of similar class, can teach you all of the basics as well as advanced techniques. They can also show you how to perform emergency maneuvers.

  1. Never Hit The Front Brakes First

If a bird comes flying at your face, or a car suddenly switches to your lane, or if there is a cordoned off sign from out of nowhere, never hit the front brakes first. It may be your instincts telling you to do so but just don’t. You have to train yourself to use the rear brake first at all times. In this case, the foot comes before the hand.

If you prefer to ride a bike, that’s on you. But if you must, please use caution by following the steps given above.

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Alice Jones works as an Automobile Dealer in United Kingdom. She is a bike fetish and has a personal collection of more than 50 bikes. As a blogger, she takes pleasure in sharing his thoughts about automobiles. You can chat with her on Cheap Assignment help deal website and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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