If we had a quarter for every time a car dealer told us that, we’d be pretty well off. The fact that the world is filled with so many desperate salesmen that want to sell stuff to you so badly to turn up an extra buck just shows you how far we’ve come.

Unless you are a professional who does your homework before going to a car lot, you’re in for a scam. It will be like someone took candy from a baby, which in this case, the baby is you. It’s important for you to know what you’re getting out of all this. You also have to know about the different parts of it before you enter a deal.

Here are some the other tricks that car salesmen don’t ever want you catching up on.

  1. Allow Dealers To Compete For Your Sale

Instead of having to drive all around town looking for a dealer to haggle, it would be best to have them find you. If you think all every car dealer out there will do your wallet justice, then you’re done for. All you need to do is simply look into the models that you are most looking forward to and then visit the brand’s official website.

Many of these sites come with a “Find a Dealer” button, so don’t shy away from it. Make use of that button and then the dealers will come looking for you.

  1. Shop At Large Dealerships

Why opt for small dealerships for a great deal, when it’s the big ones that provide the promise? Due to larger dealers moving hundreds of cars each month, they wouldn’t mind selling a few of them at lower prices. Just remember that there are some automakers who offer “stair-step” rewards to dealers.

If not, then they can offer other incentives if they are able to move specific models or meet target sales.

  1. Fighting With Time

Everybody gets tired if they’re at one place for hours and hours. This is yet another trick up the sleeves of car salesmen. They want to wear you, your wife and your kids out. This thins out your choices for the cars. In this state, you will become putty in their hands and will go with whatever they have in the end.

Try this; take the car out for a test drive on the first day and then you can talk about prices on the day after. You can also use the internet to look around before you go to the showroom. Once you seal the deal, do not be taken in so easily. Ask them for their best price and then you can move on.

  1. Just Play The Nice Guy

A salesperson is not the kind of person who would rile up when conducting a sale. They would rather sell a car to someone who has a pleasant personality and is fine with whatever price they work with. They know you want to pay less for a model. But if you can get on their good side, then they can find a ride that better suits your needs.

  1. Doing Your Research

This is perhaps the most basic element of all car dealerships. You would want the price of the car you want to stay as it is on the website till when you get to the showroom. That way you will know if the car dealer is shaking up the rates to squeeze more out of you than what you can or cannot afford.

It is nice to do a bit of preemptive planning before working out a deal and all of the points above can give you just the right price for your new car.

Author Bio: Anna Marsh works as an Automobile Dealer. She is always up in her job to get her clients the right car at the right price. You can join her forum named Do My Essay and also on Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus.

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