Cath lab technicians, also known as cardiac technologists are the technologists who work in facilities that run tests related to the health of the heart. It is a great career choice and this is the reason for increasing the demand for cath lab course across the world. They assist with the insertion of catheters into the heart treatments and are equally responsible for measuring special fluids inside the body. These small tubes and fluids are further tested for various purposes. These technicians need a specific education in terms of diploma or degree and earn income, which is well above the per capita income. They play a major role in heart surgeries by monitoring the patient’s life-threatening changes during a treatment. A good hospital never compromises in appointing a good cath lab technician.

What does a cath lab technician generally do?

A cath lab technician will operate different machines that help diagnose various conditions of the heart. They face high-stress situations in a routine so they should have good decision-making ability and reflex. Prior to any surgery or procedure, they have to make sure that every equipment is working fine and to report the doctor if anything found normal. They also perform secondary activities such as cleaning and shaving the area in case of cardiac catheterization for angioplasty, and anesthetizing the area of insertion. In some hospitals, technicians also assist doctors during open heart surgery in the insertion of stents but the first job is to keep observing the machines. Apart from all these activities, they may also schedule appointments, maintain patient’s reports and files, and care for equipment. A technician will always be preferred if he/she has also some extra knowledge related to managing and recording data. There are very limited cath lab colleges, so the fees may be little higher.

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What about Cath Lab technician earnings?

Medical lab Technologists/Technicians get a reasonable salary in the government and some good private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic laboratories, etc., but the main thing is that it is expected a fast growth in the income of technicians in the near future. The average starting salary of a lab technician ranges between Rs.8000 – Rs.16000 per month whereas it can be high as Rs.25000pm. However, cath lab manager usually gets a higher salary as compared to lab technicians.

What are the other career alternatives?

A person interested in medical procedures, one can also become a diagnostic medical sonographer. In these professions, the technician uses ultrasound technology to create and produce images that doctor use to diagnose the diseases and critical conditions. Sonographers’ career has a number of options like if a person wants to become a cardio-technician; it can specialize in cardiovascular imaging. One can find a good cath lab college by searching online. There are some certificates which are necessary to operate some specific machines. One of the other trending careers is a career as a nuclear technologist. In this job, preparation of radiopharmaceuticals is done and diagnosis images are made to track the radiation within the body.

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