The employment is subjected to the provisions of Federal Law No 8 of 1980 known as Employment Law. This law includes provisions provided by the law firms in Dubai which are related to the hours of work, where it is clearly mentioned those maximum operating hours should not be exceeded than 8 hours daily. As per article 65 of the above law stated those maximum ordinary working hours for young, adult workers shall be eight hours for a day i.e. 48 hours per week. The working hours might get increases to nine hours per day in case people are working in hotels/motels, restaurants, cafeteria, security etc. In case of assistance concerning your overtime burden, you can also seek advice from here

As far as factories and workshops are concerned, operations are conducted on shift basis that is day or night. In this kind of scenario, the work should be conducted without any interruption for technical or economic reasons. The breaks for the meal, rest and prayer will be granted according to the employment law.

The working hours can be reduced up to two hours daily in Ramzan.  Employment Law clearly defines that working hours will be determined by the employer as per according to the working environment that is necessary rest breaks, meals, and prayer.

Article 66 and 67 of Employment Law elaborates that if a worker is working for extra hours then he will be paid for those extra efforts that he consumed in the completion of that activity.

How to Deal with Labor Ban

According to the law, the demand for extra working should be implemented against not only the specific employee; it should be equally distributed among the employees. The termination from the job cannot satisfy you, labor-related bans are generally lifted at the desire of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. In order to lift the ban, you have to submit the application to the ministry. The individual can be mentioned that he didn’t commit violation or termination of the contract of employment he was terminated due to the closing of that project.

To uplift the employment ban one must consult the ministry right after getting a job offer that meets the minimum wage limit as per educational qualification. This will be done as per Article No4 and Order of 2010 which clearly mentioned that:

As per current scenario, one must gain offer letter with the salary above the minimum salary limit to proceed further regarding the application or revocation of the employment ban forced. The labor ban according to the ministry will not be work effectively in the free zones of United Arab Emirates. So the individual can search for another job opportunity with any organization in the free zones.

Article 4 of United Arab Emirates illustrates in Order No 1186 clearly that ministry can issue the work permit to any employee without asking for two year period. The wage limit for the first professional level should not be less than Dh12, 000, the second level at Dh7000 and Dh5000 at the third professional level.

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