It is your personality and behavioural pattern that is measured through what is all known which is called the self-report personality questionnaire. However, the similar type of pattern is used by the company who is keen to hire you. It includes all those questions where scenarios are put and you are expected to answer them as per your convenience but within stringent timelines. The answer and the time covered to answer each questions is used for measuring the personality of the candidate. Then comparison is made accordingly and the decision on which candidate is better is done and further process of hiring is initiated.

Understanding things that are measured in Personality Test:

Most of the companies are now opting for the psychometric assessment of personality for the right results. The fact is such type of test is an ideal platform for the companies to come across different – and also explore the strengths and weakness of the individual. It also helps the company to understand in which section it would be convenient for the company to put the candidate. Often companies get confused between the personality test and aptitude test. However the fact is personality test and aptitude test are two different concepts. Personality test does not include any rights or wrongs or there are no timed things. What matters in this type of test is the response to the question that you give. This helps the potential employers to predict on how well a candidate can perform in future when similar work related activities would come up.

What you need to look in the Personality Test:

The prime focus of such type of test is to understand whether the candidate can be useful for the company or not. This way the company would consider whether the candidate:

It is the behaviour and personality that plays the most important role in offering all the answers to the questions mentioned above.

With the help of such type of test employers can evaluate the level of work related activities that you can take up such as working with stakeholders, fulfilling the rules and regulation, leading others, dealing with the stress and pressure.

Which Candidates are offered this Test?

Generally employers offer such type of test for assessment to the:

  • Candidates who apply for the HR professional role where ability to plan the new task is tested
  • Candidates who apply for the engineering roles where ability to cope with work pressure is tested
  • Candidates who apply for the sales roles where the ability to exhibit the nature of competition is tested

There is no positive or negative personality which is being tested rather such concept does not exists itself. This type of test usually measures the job requirements suitability and whether it is a perfect fit for the company or not. So what are you waiting for? Start with your search and hire the best candidate today who can be worth investment.

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