There is a reason why information is called power in this age. You have to maintain all your data and ensure they are easily accessible and secure at the same time. Despite many advances, there are still limitations to data safety and storage solutions. Surveyors work in teams and as individuals and can have insurmountable data that is of crucial importance to them and their clients. There is no limitation to the volume of data and you want to be able to access it as and when needed. But it can be a challenge to meet these demands. But the right technology can provide you solutions that can help you boost your efficiency and productivity.

Cloud Technology: Faster Access & Unlimited Storage

We all rely increasingly on technology for most of our tasks. It is possible to access all information and communicate with each other in just a few clicks/taps. Cloud technology has proven to be a boon to almost every kind of business, allowing them to access information from anywhere. It can help boost individual performances and improve overall productivity. Find out how cloud based solutions can help surveyors take their profession to the next level.

SharePoint Server: This is a cloud based solution that allows surveyors to store data, share information and communicate easily and quickly. You can build your website instantly and use it to store all your information at the same place. There is no need to worry about data safety as it is protected using latest technology and backup is maintained in multiple copies in different places on the cloud.

SharePoint allows you to build your own site in an instant and without any costs. It can be a point of communication between surveyors. You can also store all your crucial data including maps, sketches, legal descriptions, reports and much more so that any information can be accessed instantly from any location. All this can help you deliver your services with more efficiency and speed, thus boosting your overall productivity. You can access information whether you are in the office or on the field.

Benefits of SharePoint Server

SharePoint Server will allow you to work free from the limitations of your desktop. You and your team of surveyors can access all the information, share it or collaborate on it from different locations. You can store files and documents from any location at any time. The best thing is that your SharePoint website can be accessed from any device with any operating system. Different surveyors in your team can work on different devices and still access and communicate on the cloud solution.

With this cloud based solution you can easily get your team collaborating and sharing valuable information. For more information about this service, visit

Windows Desktop Online: Do you have all your data stored on a virtual desktop? With Windows Desktop Online you can access your virtual desktop from any location (even when you are out in the field). This can help in improving your employees productivity while keeping the costs down. Cloud hosted virtual desktop allows you to access virtual desktop from any location and on any device. It will give your surveyor teams total freedom, which is one of the cornerstones of the profession. There will no longer be any need to be restricted due to limitations.

Windows Desktop Online from Apps4Rent provides your surveyor teams access to your applications. Your team can access applications on a browser or Remote Data Protocol on any device with any OS. Besides, it also provides access to all the devices which are connected to the desktop.

As the administrator, you can control access to the applications by allocating permissions. This cloud based solution is entirely safe and secure. There is daily backup, 24×7 support and data security. Make sure to visit to learn more about this service.