A healthy diet is the most recommended way of losing weight but for the results to show up it takes long time. If a person who is on a dieting program wants to add an extra edge to their diet, they use weight loss supplements.

Supplements boost the weight loss. One of those supplements is Raspberry ketone Blast, they have attained popularity only in past few years after they were published in few publications and also showcased on Dr. Oz television show.

What do these supplements do?

These supplements meet to the needs of those who want to lose weight quickly by suppressing hunger and giving more energy which results in speeding up the weight loss by burning more fat in the body. Their ability to burn fat quickly has given them the name Miracle fat burner in a bottle. They are  a combination of natural ingredients like Mango and berry which are also known to contain high amounts of antioxidants.

Detoxification in the body is attributed to antioxidants and also enhancement to burning of fat.

FDA has not approved the usage of these dietary supplements and also there have been not many clinical trials conducted to prove their effect like if they really burn fat or not.

In the year 2005, a study conducted on the mice showed that raspberry ketones helped in preventing of visceral fat in the body and also in the accumulation of liver fat and also helped in breaking down the fat molecules in the body.

In the year 2010 another study conducted proved that ketones stimulate the production of proteins in the body and enhance the metabolism rate of glucose and lipids.

Numbers of studies are less and even though their results are in the favor of usage of ketones but lack of a sound study makes the question mark still linger on their effectiveness.

There are also doubts apart from the effectiveness regarding the safety aspect of these supplements.

Raspberry ketones are made from the chemicals that are found in the red raspberries, blackberries and cranberries. This is also found in many other forms like colorants and flavoring agents in cosmetics and deserts.

Earlier they were also known to reduce hair fall when applied to the scalp.

Appropriate limit is absent as to how much of these supplements can be taken due to the lack of enough studies but they usually lie in the range of 50 to 250 milligrams. It is suggested to take one or two capsules a day for effective results. Click here to know the ratings for 500mg tablets.

Harmful effects of using these supplements

Consultation from a physician must be sought if a person is already under medication, these supplements may not go along with the medicines a person is taking and cause many harmful side effects.

Raspberry ketone supplements contain chemical component related to synephrine, which acts like caffeine, the same component found in coffee as well.

People who are sensitive to caffeine must avoid taking these supplements. It is also advised that expecting women and nursing mothers should keep themselves away from these supplements.


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