Whether you want to stock a gym you plan to open to the public or just fill a room in your home with the right equipment to see reliable results, the right equipment can make all the difference to an exercise routine. Free weights hold their own unique benefits, and having the right equipment with which to combine them will help you truly meet your goals within your set time limitations. Therefore, it is in your best interest to consider the many reasons these machines should be one of the integral parts of your next workout regimen.

In fitness nowadays, many personal trainers and trainees have begun putting equipment away for one reason or another, which has begun to show a real impact on the fitness world. Instead of seeing fast, lasting results due to the use of a combination of free weights, machines, and great diet, many trainers and trainees choose to work for months or even years for the same results. The truth of the matter is that equipment is there to help you boost your results, push your muscles harder with every set, and give your body the workout it needs to meet goals without pushing your body too far.


First and foremost, machines are significantly safer than many free weight options, which is a big reason why you benefit from contacting companies such as Sam’s Fitness for all your equipment needs. The right weights combined with the right equipment can help you learn the proper form with any additional machines you might use in the course of your workout. There is only one correct way to make a weight move, which will teach you the mechanics of your own body and why each exercise will require a specific position to prevent injury and boost results.


Having the right equipment on hand can improve your range of motion through a plane of movement predetermined before you make your first move. No two people are exactly the same in regards to range of motion, and it is important you learn the limits of your body and how to find the best results. While machines will certainly offer some help in this case, such as by offering adjustable heights and pads, combining great equipment with the right weights will ensure you get the highest range of motion with the least obstruction.


If you manually apply the weight to the bar before placing it on your back, you have the choice of bringing your total weight up by as little as five pounds, whereas a machine might force you to add 10 or 15 pounds at a time. This is why you need a combination of free weights and machines to get the best workout as well as potentially avoiding pushing your muscles just a few pounds too far before they are ready for it. Even the difference of a few added pounds can quickly add up after an hour or more of vigorous working out, which is why you should stock your home or gym with only the best equipment available.

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