For most of us, our day starts and ends with a perfect body and mind freshening shower. They are not just about keeping us clean: they also help us to relieve muscle tension and relax. It varies from person to person, the time spent in the shower but we can’t deny the drastic mood change after the shower.

Considering how often we spend in the shower, it makes scenes to carefully select the accessory for your shower area. And here the part of shower curtains arrive as it is the largest single item in the whole bathroom. Shower curtains offer valuable function while showering.

It keeps water inside the bath space; it also keeps the privacy in the first place if you live in a joint family. Choosing the right curtain should start with this on the mind. To prevent the shower curtains from collecting dust and dirt. The curtain should at least be (2.5 to 5 cm) above the floor.

Considerations While Buying A New Shower Curtains

However to water from spraying all over the bathroom space the curtain must reach the top of the bath tub. Hang the curtain higher or lower according to the age of the bath tub or how attractive it looks. As there are so many colours to choose. With the shower curtains being the largest item in bathroom area it has a huge effect on the feel and looks.

Carefully consider while what will go perfectly according to the existing colour in the bathroom, and who will be using it, before making a purchase. There is a vast range of shower curtains from soccer theme for sports enthusiasts, to Disney theme for children. For those who prefer simple and elegant one, there are also wide ranges of simple colour and classy designs available in the market to choose.

The type of material is another consideration when deciding which shower curtains to buy. Most are made of vinyl, cloth and plastic. There are pros and cons for each type of materials that need to be weighed while making a purchase. Plastic and vinyl are commonly used as these are easy to maintain and cheap.

Being naturally waterproof they meet the primary requirement. Additionally they come in various size, shape, style, design and colours that can be found to fit in any bathroom. Some prefer cloth as it looks nicer. However, it is more expensive and is prone to damage easily. Therefore, buying cloth curtains with pre-attached waterproof lining is recommended.

An alternative material is hemp, which is a heavy fabric produced from the plant. It is naturally fungi and bacterial protective, so there is no worry about any mildew and soap stain. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any waterproof lining. As a final point whichever shower curtains you choose the regular maintenance is required if you want your shower curtains to function properly and look great, for more than a few months.

It is advisable to wash and dry your curtain at least once in a month. Better quality shower curtains can be machine wash from preventing any damage due to manually washing. Washing in warm water, with a cup of bleach to kill the bacteria is good. Inexpensive cleaning spray can also be used to keep them free from damage.