For your blog to attract steady traffic‚ it is important that you publish content that strikes a chord among your target audience. Keeping the quality of content consistently high can pose a challenge as you might not have the time and the resources needed to research properly and write the kind of content your readers prefer. However‚ SEO experts from UAE are of the opinion that finding new content ideas for your blog is possible if you keep looking beyond the ordinary resources. Here are some strategies that can come handy to create killer content for your blog.

Write On Trending Topics For Surefire Success

Literally millions of articles are indexed by search engine major Google every single day. It can be safely concluded that at least a miniscule percentage of them are related to your business. Smart bloggers are using Google Alerts feature to know when articles with specific keywords relevant to your blogging themes and subject are mentioned on the web. These articles may provide brilliant ideas to create great content.

Google Trends is another useful tool that helps you know the volume of traffic a specific subject is receiving. Results can be targeted by making the search country or region specific.

Write On Topics That Attract Maximum Queries On Forums

Find out what your target audience wants to know about. People generally go to online Q&A forums to ask questions and find answers from experts. They also search the Q&A database to find out if someone has put out same or similar queries in the past. Visit popular question and answer websites that are frequented by both novices and professionals. Look at the specific queries related to your niche. You will also find interesting tidbits and stories from all over the globe. All it takes is some innovative thinking to build on these topics and create interesting content.

Look Around And Take Notes

The habit of taking notes is the sign of a good blogger. Ideas are scattered all over the place but you may not recall an interesting one when you sit down to write your blog. Make a note of the interesting things you see around the web. You can hand write your ideas in a physical notebook or create a spreadsheet with a list of all blog ideas that come to your mind. They can come handy while writing blogs especially when you have hit a block and don’t know which way to go.

Keep A Close Watch On Social Media Sites

As an experienced blogger‚ you must surely know the kind of places your audiences are most likely to hand around. Their favorite haunts nowadays are social media sites and online communities. From their social media interactions you can easily discover their preferences. You can also check topics that are trending locally‚ nationally and globally and create blog posts based on these trending topics.

Copy – Not Literally Of Course!

Look at what topics other bloggers targeting the same audience as yours are writing. If their style and approach is working for them and helping in driving traffic to their blog site‚ it should work for you too. Take the idea and give it your unique twist to create interesting content.

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