The IMEI Changer Service is great; there is no doubt about that. But still, if you decide to IMEI Changer set you will gain access to many features and apps which the standard IMEI Changer would never be able to provide. Another important factor to consider if you intend to purchase IMEI Changer set is whether you are buying it because you would immediately want to jailbreak it and whether it is worth doing it? For instance, although the IMEI Changer set offers to you some great features and when jailbreaked the choices increase tremendously, still many users may find it a bit strenuous to use the IMEI Changer and you may still be required to pay the monthly fee for IMEI Changer or Movie Channels subscription. This means that even if you IMEI Changer, that will not translate directly into having free access to everything.

What exactly is IMEI Changer? 

To jailbreak an Apple device meant that you will convert the mobile operating system (iOS) of the device to work ad to be able to manage unsupported/unknown codes so it can allow access to unauthorized applications. This means that once jailbreaked, you will be able to run apps on your IMEI Changer set which are not approved by Apple. Among these apps is the popular XMBC. In addition, you will be able to stream a lot of media formats from your network directly to the IMEI Changer. XMBC is amazing feature that enables the users to access various internet streaming sites and also enables to use Hulu on your IMEI Changer set. Unfortunately, even though you will be able to use Hulu, you will have to pay a subscription fee if you want to use the Hulu Plus.

Is it beneficial to IMEI Changer 

What are the benefits of IMEI Changer is the question which has been bothering many potential buyers of the set. A IMEI Changer will allow you to connect the device to your computer, use iTunes and watch movies. You can also buy your favorite TV shows and movies. But, it will be really hard to play media content which is not streamed thru ITunes. In addition, it will be also really hard to watch a rented movie from Apple HD because you will be forced to wait at least 3-4 hours.

Still, there are some benefits which only a IMEI Changer can give you:

  • Once jailbroken, you can install and use various, unauthorized by Apple apps on your IMEI Changer set. In addition, you can alter and use any files which you already have on the IMEI Changer.
  •  FireCore app can be used on IMEI Changer. This app allows the users to try out various kinds of new apps.
  • Airplane streaming will be supported
  • You can use apps like XBMC, Hulu, Pandora Radio, and Nito TV etc…

In the end, it all depends on what exactly you want from your IMEI Changer. The imei code offers a lot of benefits for Apple users and it is definitively recommended to do it if you decide to get an IMEI Changer set.