Renovation will cost you a lot of money, so you may think how to save your money on that, but for the bathroom is not that way, otherwise it may cause many problems. When you make the budget, think thoroughly to make sure everything works well.

Don’t Cut Your Budgets On Reserved Socket

There are many appliances to be used in our bathroom today with the extension of the space, many families have installed smart close-stool, massage bathtub, Spa, TV or speaker. Reserve sockets with a limited budgets.

Don’t Cut your Budget on Waterproof Material

Waterproof material is very important for the bathroom, not only choose the good material, but also brush as request, like brush two times and do the 24 hour Non-water test for the floor. Make sure there are 180 cm high for the wall waterproof. You must pay attention to the corners of wall and water pipe as they are easy to cause problem.

Don’t Cut your Budget on Windows

Bathroom must be ventilation, so design for your own windows is very important too. In general, we can install curtains and shutters to make our bathroom privacy. I used to make a lovely bathroom windows with shutters and curtains, firstly I installed a new plantation shutters from plantation shutters Sydney, which really save me a lot of money as they gave me a good quote, after that I choose their curtains Sydney services, they designed a very lovely curtains for me. So you can do it like me because a good windows give you a privacy and smoothly breeze.

Don’t Cut your Budget on High Quality Sanitary Ware

Pay attention to the quality of sanitary ware which are widely used but rarely replace. Otherwise it will cost you lots of time to fix it, not only very hard to fix but also easy for leaking. Also the tap and tube are very important as they are very easy for damage and you might have to change every time.

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