Moving house is a difficult thing, particularly for the furniture moving. If you have some large furniture such as large Wardrobe or bed, you must think about a well-condition vehicle to help you move. Campervan hire sydney is one of your smart chooses, since I often move my house I always rent their campervan as a mover.

Picking a right campervan is important for your moving. Firstly you must choose a large enough campervan, such as a high-top model is good for tall furniture. Secondly the campervan you hire must not contain too many items inside which may break your move.

Hire A Motorhome For Your Furniture Moving

When you hire the vehicle successfully, packing the furniture is a priority. A few tips to make sure moving runs as effective.

  1. Pack the furniture carefully with pads like sponge and newspaper, especially fragile items.
  2. Disassemble the furniture into parts if possible and make sure you know how to install them again.
  3. Cut off the electricity and defrost the refrigerator.
  4. If you have some furniture with mirrors, use bubble wrap to protect them.
  5. Protect the four corners with Thick paper of dining table, than tighten the corners with rope.
  6. Water the Potted flowers in advance, and pack them with newspaper before you put it into the box.

When your get everything ready, you can start your moving trip. Driving the campervan is different from the car, you must take it slow. If you moving between the different city and you have to sleep in the van, you should leave some space for sleep.

Once you arrive the new house, unloading the furniture safety and carefully.Park your campervan close to the new house, load the large furniture first then the other small items. Put the light items on the top and the heavy ones on the bottom.

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