Do you have your home on the market? Are you about to put your home up for sale?  The typical American family lives in a home less than ten years. All too frequently, the amount of possessions amassed during this time is often equal to what their parents’ collected over a generation. The main holding spots for so many of these possessions are the basement and garage.  If you want to showcase your property as having plenty of storage space, it might well be time to purge and organize.  Depending on the volume of items, some realtors even recommend renting a storage unit for temporary storage.

Head to Groupon Coupons for Zoros to get the tools and organizational items needed for the job. Plan on dedicating an entire day to the project.  To get started, designate three zones:  purge, donate and keep. Be ruthless. Don’t save things for your kids or a rainy day. If you haven’t used it in three years, you’re not going to. Donate it or dispose of it.  Just think of all the tax deductions you’ll enjoy from truckloads of donations.  If the garage was designed for two cars, it needs to be free of clutter to accommodate two cars! Once all of the items have been sorted into the three piles, start making trips to the donation site and dumpster.

Install shelving along the walls to accommodate the remaining items. Take advantage of the space in the rafters for larger, bulkier items. Garden tools and pots should be stored together as should seasonal items and workbench tools.  Bicycles can be lifted onto racks and shovels should be hanging.  The only item on the floor should the lawnmower. The rest should be raised and stored properly.

If the garage floor is in poor condition, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Otherwise it should be well swept. Clean the windows of cobwebs and make certain the garage door and handles all function well.

Today’s home buyers are all looking for storage and the garage is often the first place they look. Ramp up your garage organization and watch the offers roll in on your home. Good look on your new venture!

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