This is an age of beginning of the advancement of cloud technologies and its services. With services hosted in cloud, every service becomes an application in itself. Microsoft hosted their office tools into cloud and names it Microsoft office 365. You can read more on office 365 at Office 365 is a collaboration of Microsoft office and other business tools like exchange and SharePoint service on the cloud or internet.

SharePoint enabled service on office 365 or SharePoint Intranet is a platform which creates a digital workplace for delivering real time business solutions. Office 365 Business collaborates with major services to deliver solutions. Intranets over office 365 help in management of information. Office 365 Business helps in seamless integration of different services over cloud.

Benefits and features of Intranet

  • With many services over the cloud, SharePoint intranet provides employee empowerment while also supporting processes and business alike. Such services as content management and data and documents collaboration through SharePoint are a beauty of services under one platform.
  • Microsoft gives many such services under one subscription package which make it a highly cheap and saving from maintenance and deployment cost
  • With services over the cloud, Microsoft is serious of the security aspect of its services. To safeguard from theft and hacks Microsoft has built a commendable security over its product offerings
  • With services such as Microsoft Dynamics and content management, SharePoint has become a best collaborated online service with office 365 for the many services collaborated under one platform.
  • With SharePoint intranet, one does not need to think about IT infrastructure to be installed to work on so many services. Microsoft platform gives this and more under one service subscription at fraction of a cost.
  • Employees can now utilize the unlimited space in the Microsoft cloud for sharing and uploading files and products in the team site. The space factor has propelled Microsoft to being the best in service provider over the cloud. With such space even a smaller mobile phone can be used to upload and save huge information over the cloud.
  • Mobility in intranet SharePoint online makes it a working on the go a possibility and logging into the system as and where one want which is a great advancement itself in the service.
  • With SharePoint intranet working and depositing documents in the main storage of the cloud is a possibility now.
  • Excellent support and frequent updates make the intranet products and services all the more up to date and well integrated with other functions and service products.
  • With single signing into office 365 makes easier the managing of all collaborated services under one platform
  • Internal communication among services has proven a factor of much advantage to the users and customers alike.

O365 Intranet Portal and its features

  • Best top to down communication- With the intranet facility management can broadcast announcements and speaks of events and meetings
  • Communication of Bottom up – making surveys and questionnaires help reach the top through bottom up approach
  • Lateral communication – with many things happening in the sidelines such as parties and get together, lateral communication serves an important function in an organization too.
  • Knowledge management- It is important to build resource centre and blogs for sharing information and knowledge.
  • Self service- a great advantage of utilizing and conference and leave and help desk for self services

SharePoint online is much more when compared to the other services being offered by Microsoft in one subscription. The various plans under the subscription package of office 365 can be browsed at Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider. It is an effort for making business experiences a whole lot advantageous and beneficial to the users.

There are similar other packages with office 365 enterprise edition with a long list of services provided under the enterprise offering. Look here at the basic Office 365 Enterprise E1 plan offering from Microsoft. Enterprise E1 is the most basic of enterprise plans offered for greater business sense and productivity. With Office 365 subscription the SharePoint intranet online services along with other services makes the impossibility and disadvantages of yesteryears a reality and successful model. And with cheap cost of usage and no cost of maintenance, the service of SharePoint intranet has served the purpose with distinction.

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