Going to the gym is a great time for many people, it’s a wonderful way to stay fit and get into shape and many guys love to make sure their body is looking in great condition. However, a problem when going to the gym is making sure that you look good, not in terms of your body – but with your clothing! So this guide will help you pick out the best gym wear for your next workout.

Guide To Men’s Gym Wear


A classic choice for the gym over the past few decades has been the hoody and joggers combination. This is because most mens tracksuits are designed so that you have great mobility whether you’re running 5k or benching 50kg – and you look good whilst doing it!

Fitness Tracker

This is definitely a gym accessory which is for the more technical savvy, but the popularity of wearable gym equipment is becoming more and more popular. A standard fitness tracker sits on your wrist in the same way fashionable U-Boat watches would, (and it can actually tell you the time too!) but it also serves the purpose of measuring the number of calories you are burning and the distance you cover whilst you are at the gym. Pretty smart right?

Running Trainers

These of course are great when you are going to be a lot of cardio at the gym and will be spending your bulk of time on the treadmill. The reason running trainers are so popular for gym goers is because they offer a great cushion and are specially shaped for high-speed action, the Android Homme and Nike trainers in particular offer a great design which guarantees the comfort (and they don’t look too bad either!). Even if you’re the type of person who rarely ventures into the cardio room, running trainers are still a good choice for the gym. Because not only will your feet remain comfortable, they can also be helpful in making sure the weight of your feet are evenly distributed when you are doing squats or any other leg exercises.

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