There are many ways in which web developers have gone about finding and correcting development bugs to their websites, and this is a very important and unique skill to have whilst acting as a web developer. This is because of the fact that these bugs can take up more time than the actual web design when looking to resolve them as bugs vary in their seriousness and their impact on a site overall. Some bugs are quick fixes and obvious, but others appear as if all of your coding is correct, and this is why you specifically need to look at other alternatives.

The simplest and yet most time consuming way in which you can avoid any and all development bugs is by carefully analysing every line of code that you write on-the-go. This may seem a little strange, but if you think about it making sure that everything you do is correct to the best of your knowledge will mean that you are unlikely to problems when you are finished. If you hit the nail on the head you are much less likely to have any problems later on, and so the whole “on-the-spot checking” of your web development isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, there is of course always potential for errors that you don’t see or just the general amount of extra time you spend finding these bug fixes.

The next possible way to do things is one that you are almost certainly going to be familiar with if you are a web designer, which is to essentially create the website as normal and simply trial and error out the bug fixes at the end. This is not such a bad way of doing things as it allows you to look at work you have done and review it, seeing specifically where you went wrong and how you would do it differently in order to not make that particular mistake any more. This is definitely a key skill to have as a web developer and learning from mistakes is something that can also be achieved through this in order to not do it again. Essentially you are reviewing your own mistakes.

However, the thing about this method is that it is once again time consuming. Reviewing several lines of code with no real guarantee that you will know what’s wrong or how to fix it is not exactly the most optimal strategy. Whilst it will probably work eventually you need to consider the idea that there is a better way.

The best way to improve your web development and fix web development bugs is through the use of Selenium. This particular plugin creates a virtual pop out of your site so that you can see bugs and coding errors for yourself. This allows you to try your best to eliminate the bugs, and therefore without the trial and error you are still reviewing your own work and making you a more efficient designer. To learn the best method to fix web development join edgewords training.